Five Best CBD Gift Ideas for Her

There is never a bad time to spoil your girl. What better way to treat your significant other than by giving her the gift of wellness? CBD gifts are great because they offer so many life-changing benefits. Buying CBD online allows you to choose from a wide variety of products that your GF will love. Check out our five best CBD gift ideas for her below.

The 2018 ‘Farm Bill’ gave every American access to CBD products. Since then the CBD market has taken off. Every product you can think of has been infused with CBD.  Having access to so many CBD products is ideal for the consumer, but some research is involved to find a reputable company.

Before choosing the best CBD products, be sure to check third party lab tests. This ensures that the product will have CBD in the product they are advertising. Check potency tests as well as terpene, heavy metals, and pesticides to find a quality product.

#1 CBD Skin Care Products

Topical CBD has grown in popularity since the ‘Farm Bill’ in 2018. CBD balms, lotions, serums, lip balms, and other topicals show promise in reacting with CB2 receptors on the skin delivering numerous benefits. CBD shows promise in helping clear up acne, reducing redness, and keeping skin hydrated.

Can’t choose what CBD topical your girl will like best? Put together a CBD cream gift set with an assortment of naturally scented products to keep her skin looking A1.

#2 CBD Bath Bombs

This may be it. If your girl wants to relax (who doesn’t?) CBD bath bombs maybe your best option. She will get the CB2 activation and the aromatherapy while enjoying some time alone in the tub.

#3 CBD Drinks

Using a CBD drink is a great way to get your daily dose. Many users prefer CBD coffee because they say it takes away jitters created by the caffeine. There are many options online with a variety of different flavors.

If your girl is not a coffee drinking, CBD sparkling seltzer is a great option. Seltzer usually features natural flavors and is low in calories, a healthy way to get a daily dose of CBD.

#4 CBD Edibles

Retailers have managed to infuse CBD into just about every type of food imaginable. Since you are shopping for your girlfriend, try an assortment of edibles in a CBD gift basket. Pick out several chocolates, pretzels, turtles, and other deserts to create an assortment of goodies that will promote your girl’s overall well-being.

Edibles are popular because they mask the taste of CBD oil. If you think your girl will not like the strong, earthy taste of CBD, this may be the option for you.

Taking CBD edibles works much differently than other types of CBD administration. You may not experience any effects for hours after taking the edibles. This does not mean they do not work; CBD must be taken daily to feel the benefits.

#5 CBD Tinctures


If you are looking for the most efficient product available, try CBD tinctures. Taking CBD sublingually, allowing the oil to be absorbed under the tongue is one of the most efficient delivery methods available. Our mucosal glands under the tongue provide a direct path to the bloodstream.

CBD tinctures may not be the most exciting gift idea from the list, but if your girl needs some natural relief, tinctures are going to deliver the most benefits. There are options with natural flavors in case you are worried she will be turned off by the taste.

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