Five Best Heist Movies To Watch

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Five Top-Rated Heist Movies

The genre is described at What makes heist movies interesting? Some criminals develop the ability to foresee events. They are intelligent. It takes a real team of experts to outsmart the police. This subject matter belongs to the legendary genres of Hollywood. The titles of the movies are listed in the table below

2Hell or High Water
3Da 5 Bloods
4Army of Thieves
5The Town


Snatch is one example of such films. It is a thriller produced in 2000. It was directed by Guy Ritchie, a British director. Viewers are attracted by the extremely twisted plot. The nicknames of the criminals are also interesting:

  • Doug the Head;
  • One Punch Mickey;
  • Bullet-Tooth Tony.

Franky “Four-Fingers” is a leader of criminals who rob a jewelry shop. An 86-carat diamond has been stolen among other valuables. The characters face difficult circumstances with unpredictable consequences. Viewers will love the magnificent cast.

For example, Brad Pitt stars as Mickey the gypsy. He starts talking very quickly. There are interesting facts about the actor. He could have been arrested during the premiere, which took place in London. The actor wanted to meet thousands of his fans. The latter were waiting for him throughout the day. Pitt wanted to sign autographs and shake hands but the police forbade him to do so.

Hell or High Water

Hell or High Water is an American movie directed by David McKenzie. The script is an accurate description of various human character traits. A suburban village with a one-story house is seen, and a white pickup truck is nearby. Heroes are dressed in jeans and cotton shirts.

The action of the movie takes place in the state of Texas. The plot is set with anti-capitalist tendencies. The farmers are going broke. The characters are siblings Toby and Tanner. The first is just recovering from his divorce. The second recently got out of prison where he had served sentence for a series of thefts. They start robbing the branches of the bank that specializes in giving out mortgages. They deliberately choose branches that are located in small towns. The brothers do not shoot anyone. To avoid being arrested soon, they pick only small banknotes. The stolen money is used to pay off the mortgage.

Da 5 Bloods

Da 5 Bloods is an American war drama. It was directed by Spike Lee. The plot is based on a hunt for buried gold but the characters often recall the Vietnam War. The past is seamlessly merged with the present. There are some passages with military action.

The struggle for civil rights is also shown. The possibility of refusing military service because of their beliefs is mentioned. Four Vietnam veterans stand out among the characters:

  • Otis;
  • Paul;
  • Eddie;
  • Melvin.

They return to Ho Chi Minh City to search for their commander’s bones. In fact, the veterans are also looking for gold bars. The valuables formerly belonged to the CIA but now the characters seek to appropriate them. They are led by representatives of a charitable organization, which is engaged in de-mining.

Army of Thieves

Army of Thieves is a movie about a bank safecracker. Ludwig Dieter, a safecracker, likes to tell stories about locks and bolts. The director chose the genre of comedy action film where the characters are afraid of zombies and like to tell stories about them. The cashier of a German bank listens to customers’ complaints every day. He lives alone and eats his food on his own. He runs a channel on the Internet where he tells his subscribers about the types of locks.

One day he attended an underground tournament. He was opening complicated mechanisms. At that point, he felt the excitement and eventually joined the gang of burglars. The character’s name at first was Sebastian. Later he changed his name to Ludwig Dieter.

The features include:

  • the irony of the central character toward himself and those around him;
  • a mockery of German pedantry in work and life;
  • views of Postdam’s suburbs with their cozy building.

The main character’s talents are shown separately. He opens safes while listening to classical music. A Wagner’s opera is played once. The performance of the thief’s plans is reminiscent of other crime comedies:

  • the strongman is in permanent conflict;
  • the driver hijacks cars;
  • the scammer is not afraid of being arrested.

The relationship between the characters becomes more lively with the help of chases. In the second half of the movie, some of the action takes place in the city of St. Moritz, which is in Switzerland.

The Town

The Town is a thriller with touches of grief and romanticism. The plot covers life in the Boston neighborhood, which has been named Charlestown. Being born in this place can be compared to being sentenced to imprisonment. Children are told from a young age about criminals who were family members. Such stories are reminiscent of reading the Bible.

One of the characters is Doug. At the beginning of the movie, he and his friends go to commit a robbery. They take the bank manager hostage. Being the mastermind behind the operation, Doug accidentally falls in love with a girl who works as a bank clerk. In order to stay with Claire, Doug must leave the criminal world. However, in addition to the FBI, his former associates are after him. They consider this character to be a potential traitor.

Best Heist Movies 2022: to Watch or Not

There are the best heist movies 2022, and some of them have already been shown to the general public, including Point Break. It’s about Johnny Utah, an FBI officer who deals with complicated cases, and his partner, Angelo Pappas. The colleagues struggle with a group of thieves that commit violent robberies hiding behind images of four former U.S. presidents:

  • Reagan;
  • Carter;
  • Nixon;
  • Johnson.

Johnny Utah is appointed for undercover work as the case must be investigated.


Visiting online casinos can be combined with watching movies. The article describes the top five heist movies. They have unique plots and world-famous actors starring. All the subtleties of human nature are shown. You can see how the criminals are opposed by the police. There is a sixth motion picture filmed in 2022. It tells about the activities of the FBI.

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