Five solo performance costumes that Jennie from BLACKPINK killed

The member of BLACKPINK, known as Jennie, is a fashion star who looks stunning in every piece of clothing she wears. Jennie has shown all of us why she is considered the fashion queen by demonstrating the x occasions that she has worn a lace dress like nobody else! In 2018, BLACKPINK’s Jennie debuted as a solo artist with the release of her first song, “Solo.” She was immediately successful with this endeavour. The first member of BLACKPINK to record a song under her name was Jennie, who serves as the group’s primary rapper and leader. Solo set the door for other members to create solo songs with outstanding vocals, dancing, and a concept behind the music video.

Jennie of BLACKPINK is unbeatable when it comes to her sense of style

In addition to being a very talented vocalist, Jennie is well-known for her wonderful flair on and off the stage. Her clothes for performances are typically gorgeous, and the ones she wore on the Solo stages were no exception. Here are five of BLACKPINK Jennie’s most memorable solo stage ensembles, including her jaw-dropping scarlet dress at the Mnet Gaon Chart Awards and her off-shoulder dress on SBS Inkigayo.

1) SBS Inkigayo 20181216

Jennie earned her third award at SBS Inkigayo in this costume that showed off her charms, which were both sweet and appealing at the same time. Dressed gracefully in a yellow sweater and skirt combo, Jennie won the award in this outfit that showed off her charms. This dress for the Solo performance, replete with a sequined bow, will forever be memorable due to its resemblance to the one worn by Alicia Silverstone in Clueless.

2) Play the Core Music playlist for 20181201

Jennie’s appearance, which consisted only of wearing white, was as sophisticated as her music. When accessorised with pearls and a crystal body chain, her asymmetrical silk top gave the impression that it was custom-made for her. The fans like Jennie because she ate up this look and didn’t leave any crumbs behind.

3) SBS Inkigayo 20181125

Jennie took the stage for the first time as a solo performer wearing a bright red buttoned bodycon dress and boots. She was successful that week, which was likely because she was wearing the costume, complete with the red chiffon gloves.

4) BLACKPINK’s performance of “In Your Area” in Seoul on November 10, 2018

Jennie demonstrated Solo to BLINKs even before the digital version was made available to the public. Jennie pleasantly shocked her fans by performing her first solo song during BLACKPINK’s In Your Area event in Seoul on November 10th, 2018. She looked stunning in a short dress that was white on the top and black on the bottom. Her live vocals were remarkable, and as a result, history was made.

5) The 2019 edition of the MNet Gaon Music Awards

At the MNet Gaon Music Awards, many people looked at this ensemble for the first time, and it was a memorable occasion. A bright light began to emerge from the darkness of the stage and focus on Jennie. She was decked out in an asymmetrical dress with a ruffle draped over one of her arms.

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