Florida man intimidates the family with Coldplay lyrics and drops off after SWAT promises him to buy pizza

There is a strange case that has been registered in Florida where a person from this region has threatened a family by sending them the cold play lyrics. He warned them to take revenge against the Nazi prison associate. However, soon police have arrived at the location and ended up this scene by offering the miscreant with the fresh slice of pizza.

The team members in SWAT were ready to give him one of the Americans favourite food and was put behind bars followed by 4 hours of confrontation at the Pensacola home.


The Police Department is surprised to see this case and were in the belief that they should not underestimate the flavour and taste of pizza, which can change the mood of even the miscreant. However, there is no clear statement of whether or not the police officers have immediately offered pizza to Evan Charles McLemore. There are charges that are put on this person for stalking and creating some violence as per the Pensacola News Journal.

The incident had come into light when police received a call about the battery and learnt that Evan Charles McLemore has barged into the home and locked himself in the home. The suspect has threatened the home he got into and stated that there is a gun that he pointed to the head and he does not like to go back to the prison.

There were many attempts that are made by the SWAT team to bring Evan Charles McLemore out of the room. After many unsuccessful attempts, the SWAT tried to give pizza to the person. He was put behind bars before for putting the knife to the throat of his grandmother and threatened to kill her. Many times, McLemore threatened people by saying that the Nazi associates from the prison would pay the visit. As per police records, McLemore has served 18-month of imprisonment for using guns on a person of 65 years old.

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