Following Jake Paul’s knockout at the hands of Floyd Mayweather, Twitter had a field day, Details explored!

On Thursday, after watching the battle between Jake Paul and Floyd Mayweather, many individuals rushed to post their reactions on the social media platform Twitter. On June 6th, the famous boxer will square off against Logan Paul, the brother of Jake Paul, a YouTube sensation. The Hard Rock Stadium in Miami had a press conference on May 7th of this year. When Jake Paul challenged Floyd Mayweather to fight, things immediately got out of hand and went out of control. When he attempted to grab the 44-year-old’s hat and get away, he got into a battle with the older man and the security personnel who were protecting him.

Twitter responds to Floyd Mayweather and his bodyguards beating Jake Paul

The press conference was held to promote Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul’s exhibition bout. The two confronted one another onstage before breaking off to field questions from the press. Logan Paul claims Floyd Mayweather told him they would be defeated “on the same night.” The former WBC lightweight champion was then accosted by Jake Paul, who demanded that the two fights be scheduled for the same evening. The viral video star instructed Floyd to contact his management about scheduling a double performance. Instead of trying to steal Mayweather’s “hat,” Jake Paul tried to make a quick getaway.

The ex-pro athlete choked him for a moment before other security officers intervened. Floyd Mayweather was able to elude his pursuers for a while and seemed to be in a true state of rage before being halted by security personnel who intervened between them. As the YouTube star Jake Paul said, “I’ve got your hat,” he ran after him. At some point, Paul managed to get away from the hubbub while wearing a tattered shirt.

Floyd Mayweather, though, continued his assault on Jake Paul. The latter seemed to be bleeding and was escorted to a back room, where he fled. An angry-looking Floyd was spotted rushing out from the gathering. Jake Paul, however, was unable to restrain himself and joked about Mayweather and the event in a series of social media postings. He then updated his Twitter handle to read “GOTCHA HAT” and promoted the abovementioned item. As can be seen, Jake Paul’s Twitter feed was flooded with comments on the event.

Logan Paul, his brother, made the following tweets/Instagram postings

Floyd Mayweather is well-known for his accomplishments inside the boxing ring; he left the sport with a perfect record of 50-0 and 27 knockout wins before calling it quits. Because he already has 15 major world titles, he is an overwhelming favourite to win against Logan Paul. Others, numbering in the thousands, flocked to Twitter to support the sporting legend and make fun of Jake Paul’s behaviour. On top of that, many people believe that Logan Paul, should he fight Floyd Mayweather on June 6th, will be ready to endure a crushing loss. During the chaos, Logan attempted to get his brother out of the building, but a security guard prevented him from doing so.

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