Formula of a Perfect Work to Study Balance

A large proportion of students in college and universities find themselves having to juggle work and their academic obligations. As such, it can prove untenable without a clear plan, especially when it comes to delivering success on both fronts. It doesn’t matter whether you implement your writing performance and need a case study assignment help or write an assignment related to the other topic but, anyway, it’s possible that your work or academics can suffer, if not both of them. 

Imagine the large amounts of homework, the lecture session, tests, presentations, and practical’s, besides the work deadlines you must fulfill. Sounds creepy, especially if you don’t know how to write a paper in an hour or go on sick leave in timeSometimes, you also have to add a third aspect of family obligation in the whole mix. Now tell me if this cannot overwhelm you if not properly handled?

To reduce your misery occasioned by the stress and anxiety the sheer volume of commitments can cause, consider the following. 

Guidelines to Balancing Study and Work Obligations

  • Schedule everything. It can prove crucial in balancing your study and work obligations without either suffering as a consequence of the other. Note down all the lecture sessions, deadlines, and the different work shifts you have to observe to make sure nothing clashes. Additionally, ensure that your priorities remain right in your planning, to avoid stressful situations where you cannot finish tasks on time. Further, in a scenario where you don’t know how to effectively plan, consult people or relevant materials to get the necessary assistance. 
  • Procrastination. It’s one word most people don’t want to hear but dominantly feature among the student body. Try and ensure you have disabled all your social media platforms in your high academic activity season. Additionally, you can also allow some time to yourself for purposes of procrastination, albeit a few minutes. 
  • Avoid overdoing everything. In most cases, you’ll get encouraged to work to account for some of the finer things you want as a student. However, avoid working yourself to the ground and getting burned out as a result, because it will affect your overall performance in school and at work. Schedule everything appropriately and balance your work even if it means working ten hours every week.  
  • Make communication central to everything you do. Everyone can get overwhelmed at some point in life, regardless of how efficient you become. As such, you have to communicate in cases where the deadlines loom large, and you cannot finish the work on time.
  • Take care of your mental and physical health. College can prove brutal to your body when you factor in the unhealthy junk food, the sleepless nights, etc. Because of this, try and respect your body by loving it. You can start by getting sufficient sleep every day and eating healthy and regularly.  
  • The “Me time.” It provides a brilliant opportunity to maintain a healthy study and work balance. You can get some good food and some movies to help you detach from the rigors of work and academics. By decluttering and destressing your mind, you will have a better chance of succeeding and living a positive and healthy lifestyle.


Balancing studies and work can prove challenging, but by following these tips, you have a higher chance of excelling at both your work and academics. Remember to keep a positive attitude and study smart. No one wants to waste the hard-earned money on academics without significant success. 

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