From Bingo to Movies: How Technology Has Impacted Our Favorite Hobbies

The advancement of technology has enormously affected how people work and interact with each other, but it has also decisively changed our home life.

Hobbies and interests that were previously bound to human interaction are now available from the comfort of our homes. How big were those changes and do you still remember how it all was 20 years ago? 

Bingo and other classic games

If the digital age has decisively changed any type of game, it is games that had absolutely nothing digital to them in the first place – board games, card games and any game that requires real-life items to be played.

For instance, Bingo was once a game event that filled halls and moved crowds, but with digital advancements, the game can now be easily played online. A bingo site like Betfair gives plenty of opportunities for players to discover bingo in various ways: they can try out bingo rooms like Jackpots Drop, Deal or No Deal, or Spirit Twister and play slot machines on the same site too.

Buying video games at the turn of the century was also an adventure. At the time, gaming was more expensive than today and people had access to limited information before making a purchase decision. Today, you don’t even have to leave your home anymore: your console’s online store grants you access to thousands of games and provides you with detailed information and sometimes even free demos to give the game a go before you purchase it. But that’s not all: playing video games also required people to meet face to face; well, not anymore. Now you can play with anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Listening to music

In 2000, listening to a new song was much more complicated than it is today: you had to wait for the song to play on the radio before recording it on a cassette tape so you could listen to it whenever you wanted, or you had to buy a CD just to listen to that one song you liked.

Even later, when MP3 or iPods hit the markets, listening to music still required the listener to download and copy the songs to a device. 

Nowadays, apps like Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube give you access to music libraries with more than 70 million songs, allowing you to listen to your favorite tunes while discovering new artists anywhere, anytime.

Watching TV or movies

Twenty years ago, going to the rental store to decide which movie to watch with your friends was a serious commitment. You had to pick the best movie you could find, make sure no one would rent it before you and also you couldn’t forget to return it on time.

This rental model was later replicated in the early stages of streaming, where you could pay and virtually rent a movie without leaving your home, but all the other downsides were still there. However, streaming platforms changed all that. With Netflix or Amazon Prime, you have access to a catalogue of series and movies that you can watch anytime or download to watch offline. And if you think the chosen movie sucks, you can simply choose another one without any extra cost.

Ultimately, all these changes have made our leisure times more productive and easier, allowing us to save money and time. Technological advances are not expected to slow dowm, and countless new interests and exciting discoveries are at the tip of your fingers every day.

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