Gambling in Poland During a Pandemic

Which new skills have you learned during this pandemic? While many people remained indoors in adherence to World Health Organization regulations, others took advantage of the opportunity the situation presented.

Staying indoors has allowed them to access some of the services they never had time to initially, including online tutorials. Through the tutorials, many people have developed skills that are making them earn while at home.

Many gamers who used to travel to the land-based casino had to shift to online casinos. Gambling became the new norm amidst the pandemic enabling many people to enjoy every moment while at home.

They have been receiving wonderful bonuses, and the gambling atmosphere has been friendly. We linked up with our expert gamer Jacek Michalski (view profile) to enlighten you about gambling in Poland amidst this pandemic. Read on to find out.

What aspects led to the popularity of gambling in Poland during the Pandemic?


Initially, many people were used to travelling to the land-based casinos for hours to play their favourite games. As much as that was a fantastic experience since they got the opportunity to interact with friends and other players, they also got inconvenienced frequently.

They had to incur unnecessary costs when going to the gaming venues. Also, it was time-consuming travelling to the nearest casinos to play one favourite game. But with online gaming, things changed. They could now access the games anywhere with the convenience provided one has a suitable gaming device such as PC, Tablet, or Smartphone.

During this pandemic, most gamers found it easier to play from the comfort of their homes because of the availability of online casinos and gaming devices. The best aspect is that the online platforms enabled multiplayer gaming. That made it possible for them to invite their friends and family members who are gamers.

Online Safety

Do you know anyone who does not value their online safety? Everyone who accesses the internet understands that space is no longer a haven for everyone. There has been an increase in fraudsters who have varied intentions.

Polish online gaming platforms have been experiencing increased traffic during this pandemic. As a result, it has become a good target for cybercriminals making the industry a spot for cyber-attacks.

Fortunately, the casinos are doing much to protect their users, especially during this pandemic when they need the games more. The availability of platforms such as kasyna online that educate and review various online casinos has been a boost to this industry. Polish casinos have put measures such as data-data encryption that prevents access of data by any third party.

There are also verification steps for identity that a user must follow whenever they sign up. They are doing much to ensure the sector is free from attack by cybercriminals. That way, casino gamers have been encouraged to game more and join more sites during these troubling times in Poland.

Availability of downloadable Apps

Thanks to innovation that has seen HTML5 become a reality. Players no longer worry about mobile gaming. They can now access any of their favourite games from online platforms without stress.

But since innovation never stops, mobile gaming has now been made easier through gaming apps. In collaboration with the gaming companies, developers have come up with relevant mobile applications that allow gamers to access their favourite games anytime. Gaming is currently possible at the comfort of your home amidst the pandemic.

Bonuses and promotions

There are promotional campaigns that are ever on when you visit online casinos. They determine how many people gamble on a casino site. It also helps the casinos in taping new gamers and keeping existing ones. That also allows them to overcome competition that is currently stiff in the Polish gambling market.

The new gamers who sign up also get the welcome bonuses that allow them to try various games on the sites. Considering the increasing number of gamers on the casino sites, it’s true that the bonuses and promotions have been key attributes to the popularity of the casinos. Players like freebies that they get from the casinos because it helps them to build on their bankrolls.

It’s evident from the above that coronavirus and casinos have had a strong interrelation. The Polish gambling space has been impacted positively by the pandemic. The convenience, safety, and reliability that the gamers enjoy keep making the industry grow bigger and better.

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