Gannon University soccer player Declan Bingham was allegedly killed in an accident, Details explained

Declan Bingham, a member of the Gannon University soccer team’s defence, passed tragically recently. According to reports, former teammate Sheldon Van Deventer was also killed in the collision. Unfortunately, we do not yet have enough information to determine what caused their deaths. There have been a lot of tributes and theories regarding what caused the death that has been posted online.

According to Ancestry, reports claimed the soccer stars clashed on the field, causing their deaths. It was said that the two were involved in an automobile accident, and the stories spread quickly. Neither of their families has offered a statement or explanation of the tragedy. On the other hand, Declan’s father, Troy Bingham, has revealed that his son passed away in a “tragic accident.”

Additionally, he said that there would be no changes to the regular operations of the Erie Sports Centre. Bingham was an essential component of the Commodores’ machine at the centre. According to the official Twitter account for the team, Sheldon van Deventer was one of the centre’s owners. This information was obtained from the account.

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According to the information provided on the Gannon Sports website, Declan Bingham played defence for the team. Before beginning his studies at the university, he received his education in Supply Chain Management at The Southport School, which he attended before enrolling in college. The senior Red Shirt was benched in 2015 and returned in 2018. Declan Bingham’s 843-minute season helped Pitt-Johnstown win 4-0.

Additionally, throughout the same year, he contributed to six winning shoutout efforts. In 2017, the athlete took part in a total of thirteen different competitions. In addition, the Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference honoured Declan Bingham as a Scholar-Athlete for his outstanding academic performance. In 2016, the soccer player began his first year competing at the NCAA level in Charleston, South Carolina, during the season’s first game.

The soccer player attended Keith Stevens’ high school and was coached by him before college. Since he was a freshman, he has been playing on the varsity team, and in 2014, he was honoured as the team’s Most Valuable Player. After graduating from high school, he continued his education and received a certificate in business. According to the information on his LinkedIn profile, Sheldon van Deventer is an owner of Tech Excellence. His profile indicates that he has significant expertise working in the software industry. After acquiring expertise in sales at Headsprout and AutoSkill International, he decided to launch his own company and take the leap into entrepreneurship.

In addition to his regular job, he worked part-time as the head soccer coach at the Family First Sports Park, where he instructed young people aged five to eighteen. Sheldon van Deventer received his Master of Business Administration degree from Gannon University in 2003. His area of concentration was marketing. Check out the Gold Coast Bulletin if you are interested in learning more about the deaths of those individuals.

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