Garrick and Danielle’s Seeking Sister Wife fans say Roberta won’t move to the US, Details explored!

On Monday night’s all-new episode of Seeking Sister Wife on TLC, emotions were observed to be high as Danielle and Garrick waited for a response from Roberta. The couple was concerned about her willingness to relocate to the United States. Eventually, Roberta reassured them that she was looking forward to life in the United States, which was a huge comfort. Audience members, however, were skeptical, believing that Roberta would ultimately choose to remain in Brazil even if she gave Danielle and Garrick exactly what they wanted to hear.

They said she was reluctant to leave her mother in favour of a new life in the United States. The fact that Roberta didn’t want to relocate has led some people to assume that she isn’t keen on their way of life. In the 12th episode of Seeking Sister Wife, “An Emotional Rollercoaster,” Danielle and Garrick travelled to Brazil. They went to see Roberta hoping to get her to join their new family in America.

Roberta says she’s ready to move to the US

At the beginning of the episode, Roberta disclosed that she had second thoughts about moving to the United States because of an event from her past. Roberta then remembered the day Garrick and Danielle introduced her to another lady. They then broke the news to Roberta that the other lady was also eager to join their family. Roberta expressed her disappointment and grief at this, saying she could never see Garrick with anyone else. When Danielle found out how Roberta felt, she was taken aback. Danielle said during her confession that Roberta had first said she didn’t mind them dating other women.

After discussing the lingering problem, Danielle, Roberta, and Garrick returned to their lodgings. On the next day, the cast of Seeking Sister Wife informed Roberta that they had purchased airline tickets for her to go to the United States. They had reserved it for her and given her four weeks to pack up and move in. They wanted to be sure Roberta wasn’t just playing about with the idea of going to the United States but that she was committed to the idea and would have no second thoughts. Roberta reaffirmed her readiness to them. It was a tough time for her. She informed the pair that she had to say goodbye to her mother. Roberta elaborated that despite this, she was excited to finally join them in the United States.

Fans believe Roberta won’t go to the US in Seeking Sister Wife

Twitter users began trolling Danielle and Garrick, speculating that the couple’s relationship would end since Roberta would not relocate to the United States. Many on the internet have guessed why this may be the case, with some suggesting she doesn’t want to leave her mother and others stating she doesn’t like their way of life. Every Monday at 10 p.m. ET, TLC airs Seeking Sister Wife. People who want additional information about this topic can visit their local listings.

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