Get to know the 5 streamers who accidentally revealed faces, Details discussed

Many people who stream content online would rather keep their identities a secret than reveal them to viewers. Famous streamers like Corpse Husband and Dream don’t want their real names or identities known to their audiences. The fact that users can remain anonymous on the internet gives the identity they project an air of mystery. Since most of the interaction occurs online, streamers should be cautious about hiding their identities. If a technical issue manifests itself, the identity of a streamer may be exposed inadvertently. The following is a list of the top five incidents in which streamers inadvertently disclosed their faces to their audience members.

Five streamers whose names were leaked

Ram “GradeAUnderA” Karavadra

2017 is the year in which these events took place. GradeAUnderA was broadcasting live on Twitch, but none of his followers had a crystal clear image in their heads of what he looked like. He intended to turn on the webcam that showed his room, but he accidentally made himself visible to the camera instead.

Saqib “Lirik” Ali Zahid

Lirik is currently one of the streamers who get the most daily views. While broadcasting gameplay from a wide variety of video games, he has 2.7 million people following him on Twitch that watch what he does. In 2018, he accidentally revealed his image on his strech cat’s image when he intended to show a picture of a cat instead. Even though he quickly turned down his webcam, watching could still see his face.


Minecraft and SoulCalibur are two of the most popular games that Theonemanny streams to his audience. In 2017, he was at the pinnacle of his career and his celebrity when this occurred. Because he was using a certain programme, his appearance was changed to that of a canine. This programme attempted to mimic his movements, hoping the dog would behave similarly. Because the app he was using crashed in the middle of a live broadcast, he was seen by his whole audience.


During a camping trip a few years ago, this streamer went live with their broadcast. At that time, desktop computers were the primary means viewers accessed material. Feeds were seen by many people online, but not as many people watched live streams in real life. Celeste uploaded an image of herself on Instagram when she was out on vacation rather than a picture of the beautiful scenery. The error may be seen beginning around 3:53 in the video.

Herschel Beahm IV “DrDisrespect”

At this time, DrDisrespect is one of the streamers who get the most views. Even if he does not broadcast his gameplay on Twitch anymore, his channel on YouTube is still up and running. Despite this, it took place in 2016, when he knocked off his spectacles while doing a live stream, exposing his face to the audience. Watching the video at the top of this page will show how Tyler “Ninja” Belvins responded to the face reveal gaffe during Dr Disrespect’s live stream.

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