Get to know the Full list of actors in ‘Feeling Butterflies’ Hallmark film stars Kayla Wallace, Kevin McGarry, and many more

On March 12, 2022, Hallmark Channel will premiere the American comedy-romance film Feeling Butterflies. Emily Mariposa is the protagonist of this story; she is a butterfly specialist and the CEO of Butterflies, Inc., a company that provides live butterflies for special events like weddings and parties. Single father Garrett Thorson hires Emily for his daughter Amanda’s birthday celebration. Both adults hit it off immediately, and Emily gets the chance of a lifetime when a famous socialite hires her to release 1,500 butterflies at her impending wedding. Emily is in no position to pass up such a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, but she also can’t do it alone. Both Garrett and Amanda are more than willing to lend help, and as a result, Emily finds herself developing feelings for Garrett. Emily doubts their future together after hearing of Garrett’s ex-comeback girlfriend and his impending departure to New York. Continue to read to know more what happens to their love story and many more.

List of Stars of “Feeling Butterflies”

On March 12, 2022, Hallmark Channel will debut the new original movie Feeling Butterflies. Here’s a look at the romantic comedy’s cast before it’s officially released.

Casting Kayla Wallace as Emily

Kayala Wallace, originally from a small community on Vancouver Island, is an aspiring actress. She knew she wanted to be an actress early in life, and she spent most of her childhood performing. Wallace has appeared in several other Hallmark movies before playing Emily, the butterfly expert, in Feeling Butterflies. She starred in the Hallmark Channel original movie When Calls the Heart. The Good Doctor (ABC) and Breckman Rodeo (Freeform) featured Wallace in recurring roles. The Magicians and Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist both included cameo appearances from her.

Starring Kevin McGarry as Garrett

Hallmark Channel regular Kevin McGarry. He has starred in multiple seasons of When Calls the Heart, Winter Love Story, Christmas Scavenger Hunt, and most recently, The Wedding Veil. The actor has appeared in several CBC shows in addition to Hallmark, including Heartland, The Bold Type, and Taken. McGarry has appeared as a guest star on several television shows, including Poptv/Creek, CBC’s Schitt’s CBS’s Ransom, and FX’s Man Seeking Woman. Saw 7 isn’t the only major motion picture he’s been in. McGarry’s character, Garrett, a widower parent who hires Emily, will be featured in the upcoming romantic comedy.

Starring Alyssa Gervasi as Amanda

American child actress Alyssa Gervasi shot to fame after her breakthrough performance as young Vanya in the critically acclaimed 2014 film Umbrella Academy. The United States of America is where she spent her formative years and trained as a gymnast before beginning her acting career. The actress’s acting resume includes Love in Harmony Valley and Umbrella Academy. Her third project will be the role of Amanda, Garrett’s daughter, in the film Feeling Butterflies. Helena-Alexis Seymour, Kathryn Kohut, Amanda Jordan, Randy Thomas, Bobby Daniels, and Ishan Morris join Wallace and McGarry as co-stars in this film. On Saturday, check out the movie on the Hallmark channel.

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