Get to Know the Stars and Role Players of Lifetime’s “Sins in the Suburbs” Monique Sypkens, Brandon Santana, and many more

Sins in the Suburbs is a thriller film that will be shown on Lifetime on March 19 at 8 p.m. and 7 p.m. central time. The film follows a struggling artist as she attempts to learn the truth about a serial killer, according to the official synopsis of the motion picture’s story. Heather is an artist with few possibilities in the future but enjoys a pleasant suburban life. Everything is going well until Tyler, a good-looking bachelor moves in next door. As soon as she hears Tyler’s first pitch, Heather is captivated by him and feels an instant pull to be with him. He is charming to be around, and it would seem that he enjoys great financial success. However, as Heather learns about a local serial killer and the number of murder victims continues to rise, she questions whether or not Tyler is connected.

Meet the cast members of Sins in the Suburbs

Sins in the Suburbs was written by John F. Hayes and David Ian McKendry, and it has a cast of skilled actors and actresses who should be able to completely portray their parts when the movie is filmed.

Monique Sypkens

Monique Sypkens gives the performance of Heather in the movie. Sypkens, born in Sacramento, California, to an African-American mother and a Native American father, has been dancing and playing basketball since she was a tiny kid. She has African-American and Native American ancestry. She has made guest appearances in various movies and television programs, including A Walk Down the Aisle, Fauk My Life, Duckwrth: The Falling Man, Spook Hunters, Three Agency, Snowfall, and Fauk My Life.

Long Beach State University granted her a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre Arts, specializing in Film Production. The filmmaker, who has just relocated to Los Angeles, is working on creating the first short film. She has been a member of Pure Praxis Theatre Company’s efforts to combat military sexual assault and retaliation through her involvement in such programs. This professor is not only affiliated with the university but also with the theater group known as The Unusual Suspects.

Brandon Santana

Brandon Santana will play the part of Tyler in the thriller movie that will be released. On July 6, 1996, in the city of Detroit, Michigan, in the United States of America, Santana was the sixth of eight children born to her parents. In May 2018, Santana attended Oakland University in Rochester Hills, Michigan, where she earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Musical Theatre in addition to her Bachelor of Business Administration degree. The young actor, who is just 22 years old and passionate about health, has acted in several movies and television programs, some of which are Nos4a2, Fatal Memory, Home Economics, and A Kept Boy. Sins in the Suburbs is a horror film about serial killers that will be released on Lifetime this coming Saturday, March 24, at 8/7c. Sam Fichtner is the director of the film.

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