Get to meet Kia, Jerry Syke’s Ex-Wife, Is Jerry Sykes Still With Tammy Slaton? Their relationship details explored!

Tammy Slaton of 1000-Lb Sisters and her now ex-boyfriend Jerry Sykes have had a great history together. When people discovered that Jerry was cheating on his suffering wife with Tammy, the fans were unhappy. Several of Tammy’s supporters have pointed out that she is in an unhealthy relationship. In February 2020, when one Twitter user pointed out that Jerry was married, Tammy wrote, Are you aware of that? I know he is married, and his wife is extremely ill, so you told me nothing. You don’t know. People also noted that Jerry had dated other reality stars. Just keep out of my business, nonsense, said Tammy. For four years, we’ve been chatting.

Tammy revealed to Jerry she was pansexual in an episode from early 2021, and after that, their unconventional relationship appeared to have reached its natural conclusion. Pansexual. This is to say; love is love. Trans people, straight people, gay people, I’m open to dating anybody, Tammy said. However, this is not why Jerry and Tammy broke up, as reported by reliable sources.

Are Jerry and Tammy Slaton still together?

A TMZ article from early 2021 quotes Jerry as saying that he left Tammy out of remorse for what he had put her through. Jerry felt he couldn’t be a good boyfriend to Tammy until he worked out his problems with his wife. Jerry’s wife, Kia Russell-Rucker Sykes, reportedly learned about his affair with Tammy through their mutual acquaintances and television.

According to TMZ’s allegation, Kia said that Tammy was why she and Jerry divorced but that Jerry continued to provide financially for her even after they stopped living together. Most 1000-lb Sisters viewers are relieved that Tammy and Jerry’s feud is settled. Jerry is already taken, and he may have negatively influenced Tammy’s eating habits. He supported Tammy’s weight reduction but said he didn’t want her “too tiny” and liked larger ladies. Is that the reason Tammy kept putting on weight?

 Jerry informed Tammy that he wanted her to drop 200 pounds but didn’t want to be responsible for her. To help Tammy become more mobile, Jerry pushed for her to go to a facility that offered weight loss surgery. Something tells me that someone was trying to avoid taking responsibility.

Is it true that Tammy and Jerry are back together?

Jerry and Tammy apparently haven’t entirely severed ties, but it seems unlikely they’ll get back together anytime soon. For a time there, it looked like Tammy had found someone new to adore. She started sharing images of herself with an unknown guy online, signalling to her fans that she had moved on. Several of those photographs have been removed from her Instagram, causing people to speculate that maybe she and the anonymous suitor had broken up. Since the status of her romantic relationships will be discussed this season, we may soon find out more details about her most recent relationships. Tune in to TLC every Monday at 10 p.m. ET for all-new episodes of 1000-lb Sisters.

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