Get to meet the DMX kids, Fiancée of the late rapper admits her son Exodus has Stage 3 kidney disease, Details of their family explored!

According to Desiree Lindstrom, Exodus, DMX’s youngest child, has Stage 3 renal illness. Lindstrom recently talked about her son’s condition and life following her husband’s death. She said Exodus had had the condition from birth or soon after. She stated she keeps her son’s potassium level low. High-potassium foods are off-limits. He’s a frequent patient. I make sure his creatinine is steady. Desiree acknowledged several changes following DMX’s death. She also stated she’s training to become an esthetician, stating, I’m learning facials, waxing, and building myself. I want to raise Exodus well. I want him to see his strong, independent mother. And I’m trusting God.

The kids of DMX 

Earl Simmons got famous after releasing his first album, It’s Dark, and Hell Was Hot, in 1998. He was the first musician to launch an album at No. 1 on the Billboard 200. On April 9, 2021, at age 50, DMX died of a drug overdose. His brain was oxygen-deprived for 30 minutes, causing a heart attack. There were 15 kids left behind when he passed.


While married to Tashera Simmons (from 1999 until 2014), Earl started a family that would eventually grow to four members. Xavier Simmons is 28. Xavier was born before marriage and has just finished filming a movie.


The DMX and Tashera’s second kid is a girl named Tacoma. The Instagram profile for Tacoma identifies him as a composer. For the 2019 academic year, he enrolled in college.


Sean Simmons, age 18, is the third kid and third child overall for Earl and Tashera. Even though he seldom uses social media, his mother posted a birthday photo of him on Instagram on June 10, 2020.

Praise Mary Ella

Praise Mary When Earl and Tashera had Ella, she was their fourth child. She has been using Instagram since she was 13 and had a secret account she seldom updates. Pictures of her often appear on her mother’s social media accounts.

Sonovah Junior

In addition to his biological children with Tashera, DMX included Sonovah Junior in his family. The 12-year-old published I Hate Zoom, like her father. Her mother is using her social media profiles.


Aaliyah, Earl’s daughter, was born in 2011 and is now ten years old. She was given the name of the late singer who perished in an airplane tragedy in August 2001. Earl has called his Romeo Must Die, co-star an angel on 106 & Park.


Having entered the world in 2016, Exodus is now five years old. Following his 2019 release from Gilmer Federal Correctional Institution in West Virginia, where he had been spending a year for tax evasion, DMX was finally able to reconnect with his kid.

Youngster of Monique Wayne

DNA tests in 2004 confirmed that Earl is Monique Wayne’s biological father. The artist has disputed the fatherhood of the kid, and the infant’s name is now unknown. The musician was sentenced to pay Monique $1.5 million in 2008, four years after her birth.

Yadira Borrego’s two kids

Together, Earl and his ex-wife Yadira Borrego have raised two children. Their kid is 11, and their daughter’s age is a mystery. When DMX was hospitalized, Borrego posted photos of the rapper with his kids on Instagram.

Other kids of DMX

After being married for 15 years, Tashera and DMX appeared on the VH1 Couple’s Therapy in 2012, addressing his extramarital relationships. Tashera told Essence the same year. Earl had more children out of wedlock. To yet, no specifics of DMX’s other children have been disclosed.

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