Give the Gift of Beauty This Holiday Season With These Five Items

With the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, it’s hard to find the perfect gifts for each of your loved ones. After all, you don’t have access to Santa’s Christmas wish list. Thankfully, you have a wide range of sure-to-please health and beauty products this holiday season.

Makeup Products and Alternatives

Gifting makeup products can get tricky depending on how well you know your recipients’ needs and preferences. Factors such as skin type (dry, sensitive, oily) and tone can determine what products you purchase, and you’ll want to buy products that fit your friend’s aesthetic and desires.

Some makeup solutions are sure to wow. You might gift natural lash extensions that add volume and length without mascara. Lash extension kits make for excellent gifts because they are customizable. The gift recipient can choose how long they keep the extensions, and they can remove or reapply them whenever they wish.

Microdermabrasion or Dermaplaning Kits

What could make a better gift than an at-home spa treatment (other than an all-inclusive spa pass, of course)? As eCommerce beauty brands continue to grow and expand their reach, they’re making it possible for consumers to access beneficial treatments that once were only available in person. Some have developed cost-effective, safe products and tools consumers can use themselves to promote health, happiness, and well-being.

Now, you can gift microdermabrasion or dermaplaning kits to your loved ones who want to spice up their skincare routine. Both microdermabrasion and dermaplaning are exfoliating procedures. They remove hair and dead skin to increase collagen production and circulation. It also allows other skin products to seep into the skin, boosting their efficacy. Additionally, they even out skin texture, allowing for even makeup application.

When searching for these kits, be careful of the brand and sanitation guidelines to ensure the safety and efficacy of the products.

Micellar Water and Toner

Whether you’re searching for stocking fillers or the final element of a skincare kit, look no further than micellar water and toners. These are inexpensive and extremely beneficial beauty products. Micellar water cleanses the skin and promotes hydration. It’s made of purified, demineralized water and micelles (balls of oil) that attract dirt, makeup, and impurities.

Unlike other cleansers, micellar water does not contain harsh chemicals that strip the skin of natural oils and exacerbate dryness and irritation. It’s a great addition to acne treatments.

Toners possess astringent properties that clean pores and minimize breakouts. They also balance the skin’s moisture levels. Together, micellar water and toner clear and even out skin tone and texture.


Regardless of the weather forecast, come rain or shine, your skin needs UV protection. Daily sunscreen application is a necessity. Help your loved ones maintain long-term skin health by giving them the gift of SPF. However, not just any sunscreen will do.

You can choose between chemical and mineral sunscreens. The latter are reef-safe and are well-suited for people with sensitive or acne-prone skin. Additionally, some brands include beneficial ingredients such as Vitamin E and brown algae in their products.

Christmas might be just around the corner, and summer months seem far away, but that doesn’t mean you can’t include a bit of zinc on your holiday shopping list this year.

Hair Treatments

Beauty products don’t end with skincare products. This holiday season, you might give the gift of salon-worthy hair. Scrubs, serums, and masks are all simple gifts designed to improve the health and appearance of hair.

Scrubs, for example, exfoliate the scalp, removing excess oil and product buildup. They stimulate sebum production, hair growth, and moisture. Hair masks reverse damage, protect the hair from environmental elements such as pollution and UV rays, and make hair shinier. You can DIY scrubs and masks or purchase pre-made ones. Whichever route you select, choose ingredients based on the recipient’s hair and scalp type: dry, oily, coarse, or color-treated. Hair serums are more targeted treatment options.


When shopping for health and beauty brands to give gifts to your loved ones, try to opt for brands with a social mission. This way, you can buy quality products while supporting environmental causes, animal welfare programs, and community development. You might even make the gift a little sweeter by choosing a cause close to the recipient’s heart.

Additionally, you want to opt for brands that practice transparency in their operations and advertising. Pay attention to reviews posted by verified customers and tags on social media to see the real results behind brand promises. Brands that spotlight their employees also demonstrate their trustworthiness and people-centric culture. During this holiday season, purchasing from dependable, conscientious brands matters as much as the products themselves.

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