Go Little Rockstar: Over 2.5M Viral Videos’ Lyrics Have Been Misheard, For Years, Details explored!

TikTok has become a major destination for fans interested in exploring new musical acts, despite its initial popularity as a video-sharing site. With the support of the platform, Olivia Rodrigo was able to make “Driver’s License” a massive hit. Now, a new song with the lines “go little rockstar” is being included in various videos that can be seen on the site.

How did the “go little rockstar” fad become so popular on TikTok?

In keeping with the trend, people insert a snippet of SALES’s “Pope Is a Rockstar” into their films. The most often quoted line from the song is “go little rockstar,” and the song as a whole is frequently used to signify motivation. The song is often used in the background of videos that highlight the athletic accomplishments of young people. Because the term “little” is included in the phrase, the films almost always centre on little children doing an astonishing feat on a playing pitch or court. Some of the movies are tributes to people who have passed away or to pets who have lately passed away. TikTok users have repurposed the song for various reasons revolving around the same overarching concept as the original intent of the tune, which is to celebrate cute and lovable tiny things.

Which song plays in the background of the “go little rockstar” videos?

First published in 2016 as part of SALES’s Album, “Pope Is a Rockstar” is a song about Pope Francis. The following lines may be found in the song’s chorus: “Pope is a rockstar/You take your clothes off/Heading for the final fight/Before our worlds divide.” More than 700,000 people have listened to the song on YouTube, and since 2019, videos containing the song have been seen millions of times on TikTok.

Learn how to join the trend 

There isn’t much of a learning curve involved in producing your music video incorporating the song if that’s something you’re interested in doing. Usually, the video set to this song celebrates the success of someone close to the viewer, whether it is a sibling, a kid, a friend, or even a pet. To begin, gather a film of the person you like to honour or a sequence of photographs if you don’t have a video. After you reach that point, all left to do is add music to the video.

Any video using the music may be considered a part of the trend since no strict format restrictions are associated with it. Of course, some trending videos have more of a consistent vibe than others, but the overall style is hard to pin down. The song “Pope Is a Rockstar” is trending on TikTok, but it won’t last forever. Yet, it’s heartening to see individuals putting the focus on one another in a positive way. Even for TikTok, this trend is unusually pure and good-natured, and it seems to be constructed in such a way as to make everyone who participates in it feel happy.

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