Hitman Holla Controversy Video Exposed On Twitter, Shocked Fans!

A video that was posted online showing American rapper Hitman Holla kissing his girlfriend Cinnamon has gained tremendous popularity online. Allegations have been made by a number of the rapper’s so-called “close friends” that he sent them a scandalous story on Snapchat. Later, one of his friends filmed the incident and shared the clip with the others. A video that allegedly shows the two engaging in sexual activity has caused widespread outrage on the internet.

Who is Hitman Holla and Cinnamon?

Hitman Holla, also known as Gerald Fulton, Jr., is a 33-year-old rapper who is active in the SMACK/URL rap scene. He is best known for his stage name. Because he appeared on this program from the sixth through the sixteenth seasons, it was important in his rise to fame and helped him become a huge star. The native of St. Louis has been featured in a number of fight shows, including Fight Klub and Battle America. Cinnamon is an entrepreneur and an influential figure, and she is his girlfriend.

Hitman Holla Scandal Video 

He shared a video of himself and his girlfriend on their Snapchat account. On Snapchat, he shares with his closest friends. Therefore it’s likely that the video was leaked by one of those people, which is why it’s gaining so many views despite the fact that he only shares it with his closest friends. Because of this, you can see their tight bond in the video, which has caused outrage throughout the whole internet.

In addition, the rapper said that he had no knowledge that the films that he had shared with his “Close Friends” on his Instagram story would later be shot and made available to the general public after sharing with them. After the footage of the rapper performing for his “close pals” was recorded, it was then shared on a number of other social media websites. Because of this, the video has gained a lot of views around the internet.

Hitman Holla Video scandal video Explained

Jazzywthetea has dragged the two individuals back into the public eye a month after the incident they were involved in. Someone who uses the social networking site Twitter shared private footage of Hitman and his girlfriend on the platform. A significant number of individuals on the internet are looking for information on the identity of the leaker as well as the motivation behind the disclosures.

Because of the internet and social media, what should have been a private time for the artist became the most embarrassing moment of their lives. Now that the video has been out, a lot of people are talking about it, and some of the fans are making critical comments regarding the story. After seeing the video, a number of individuals have taken to sharing memes on various forms of social media. As a direct consequence of this, it is instantly apparent to all of us that the two are in a very difficult spot.

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