How Can I Boost My Satellite Internet Signal?

Internet services in rural areas or remote locations are not as good as they should be because there are not many options available. Satellite internet is so far the best option to get in such areas. That is because it does not require any wired connections with the networks and uses a satellite dish to deliver internet services. Through that, customers can get a good speed and above all, an internet connection that can take care of their needs.

However, it is also very common to face speed issues and connection interruptions when you have a satellite internet connection. And one of the major reasons behind that is a weak signal.

If the signal strength is not good, your internet connection will slow down as well. It’s like connecting your phone to Wi-Fi where the weaker signal means a slower connection speed.

On the other hand, few ways can be used to boost these signals and improve the internet speed without calling the customer services and paying any money to the technician.

Ways to Boost the Satellite Internet Signal?

To boost the satellite internet signals, here is what you can do;

  1. Remove the Obstacles

Sometimes, we don’t consider cleaning the surroundings where the satellite dish is installed, especially when it is on the ground. That means there can be bushes or any other hurdles around the dish that can cause interference with the signal.

If that is the case, remove the obstacles surrounding your satellite dish and re-check the network connectivity and the signal strength. I’m sure you will see a major difference. Also, always choose an ideal location for the placement of satellite dish where there is as minimal interference as possible. I can understand that putting it over the roof might not seem like a nice idea, but that is one of the best places as it can help in avoiding all the obstacles.

  • In-line Amplifier for Satellite Connection

An in-line amplifier is a device that can enhance the signal from your satellite dish to the router or receiver. This is like adding a Wi-Fi booster but in this scenario, it enhances the signal between the dish and the receiver, not the Wi-Fi signals.

Adding this device can help you to get better download and upload speeds. Moreover, it can also improve the latency of the connection as the signal transfer process gets faster.

  • Placement of the Satellite Dish

Placement of the satellite dish plays a very important role in the kind of connection and speed you would be getting. If the internet signals are weak since day one, wrong placement of the satellite dish or installing it far from home could be a reason behind that.

So, do check the distance of the satellite dish from your home. If possible, try moving it from one place to another that is a bit closer to the house. That will help you to reduce the signal issues and you might not even have to install any amplifiers with this.

  • Try Replacing the Satellite Dish

A majority of the people tries to avoid replacing the satellite dishes for years because these cost a lot. However, having an old or outdated satellite dish can also be a reason behind weaker connection and slower download speeds. If the dish is broken or old and rusty, it will lose connection more often.

In such scenarios, the best thing to do is to change the satellite dish by calling your service provider. You can also get yours if you are familiar with the technical details and know how to install one as well.

  • Switch to a Different Satellite

At times, service providers have more than one satellites in space that are used to provide the connection to your place. In this situation, you can ask your service provider to change your satellite connection from one to another.

Although there is no guarantee that this will work, in case the other satellite can offer better signals and speed, it will be worth it.

Final Verdict

A satellite internet connection might not be the best option; it is best when there are no options. In the majority of the areas, it can even offer better speeds than DSL. However, not having a good signal can affect your experience because that would be a hurdle between you and your internet connection.

So, try these methods to improve the signal strength if you are an existing customer. If none of these methods work for you, there is a possibility that something else is causing this problem. In that case, contact your service provider and let them know about the issue. To reach out to HughesNet customer service, which is America’s #1 satellite internet provider, you can follow the link given here: If HughesNet is not your service provider, then you can call the respective customer service phone number and file a complaint.

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