How Can You Get Rid of Muscle Soreness

In order to keep ourselves fit and healthy, we at times go through various exercises, both light, and heavy ones. Exercising is really important to maintain a healthy life, improve the functions of lungs and hearts, and build muscles, but sometimes heavy exercising can cause some problems. If you go through intense exercise for quite some time, your muscles can get really sore. Muscle soreness is actually one of the common problems that you can face after working out, and it means that your muscles are responding to all the workouts.

However, muscle soreness can make you feel really uncomfortable, and it can be painful too. Even though it might wear off after quite some time, at times it can bother you for 48 to 72 hours, or even more. But you can get rid of it a lot quicker if you go through certain measures. Let’s have a look at some ways that can help you get relief from muscle soreness. Both ways of curing and preventing muscle soreness will be discussed here.

Ways of Curing Muscle Soreness

You can go through the following methods to get rid of muscle soreness.

Getting a Massage

You can get a gentle massage on your muscles after you get sore. Make sure to get the message specifically on the areas where the soreness is the most.

Pressing Ice

If you press ice on the area where your muscle is sore, it can effectively help to reduce your soreness. It will also help you if you get inflammation. Ice will reduce inflammation and give you comfort.

Heating Your Body Up

You can increase the blood flow of your body significantly by heating your body up, and that will help you get rid of the muscle soreness quickly. You can do it by pressing your muscles with a heated cloth, or by taking a shower with warm water. You can also take a steam bath if you have the chance to take one.

Cooling Creams and Medications

If the muscle soreness becomes unbearable, you can get anti-inflammatory drugs or otc pain medications that will help reduce the pain or soreness in your muscle. You can also go with cooling creams or gels that have methanol in them. If you apply the cream to your muscle, it will help cool down inflammation and also provide you comfort by getting rid of the soreness.

Light Therapy

Light therapy is one of the most effective forms of therapy. Light therapy has recently become really popular, as after conducting thorough research about light therapy technology, numerous benefits of light therapy came to light. Light therapy can help a person with various physical and mental issues. Light therapy can also help with both building your muscles, and getting rid of muscle soreness.

You will just have to expose your affected area to a light therapy device, and the light emitted from the device will penetrate your skin, as well as your muscles. Then it will start healing your muscle by generating various important chemical reactions and hormones. Your muscle soreness will wear off soon after. It is a really effective way of treating muscle soreness.

Resting Properly

Getting proper rest after going through an intense session is really important. Your body needs some time to cold down and to be repaired and healed. If you don’t take the rest, your soreness can increase and take a problematic turn.

Ways of Prevention

You can prevent muscle soreness or reduce the time you suffer from it by taking some measures. These are-

Warming Up Before Working Out

Getting warmed up before workout sessions or any kind of athletics is really important. If you warm up, it will increase the blood flow inside your muscles, and your muscles won’t get much sore after working out. Warming up works better than just stretching your muscles. You can do light exercises such as jogging, jumping rope, biking, etc. as part of your warming up process.

Drinking Enough Water

Drinking enough water will help you control the temperature of the body, properly transporting the nutrients in different parts of your body to create energy, and loosen your joints. If you don’t drink enough water you might fall victim to fatigue, muscle cramps, etc. You always need to keep yourself hydrated in order to have the best out of your workout sessions.

Knowing Your Limits

Sometimes you might put yourself through a much more intense workout session than you can endure so that you can gain muscle rapidly. But it does more harm than good. So, make sure to know your limits and workout as much as you can, and gradually increase the level, intensity, and time of your working out.

Using Proper Techniques

It is important to perform your exercises in the right way by using proper techniques so that you don’t face any muscle strains or injuries. It will also limit your muscle soreness.

Final Words

After going through intense workout sessions it is normal to get muscle soreness. So, make sure to take necessary steps beforehand to limit the soreness as much as possible, and take the aforementioned measures afterward to cure it.

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