How did Bryan Renteria Jr die? Did Mayra Touch of Glam Baby Die?

The loss of Mayra Isabel and Bryan Renteria’s newborn baby is terrible to read about on social media. On Saturday, October 16, 2021, Bryan Renteria Jr., who had only been alive for a month, passed tragically unexpectedly. The family’s primary residence is in Ontario, California. The family is currently in mourning as a consequence of the occurrence. Their beautiful newborn child passed quite unexpectedly. On September 1, 2021, Bryan Renteria Jr. entered the world, and ever since then, there has been a newborn patient in the NICU. Due to his prematurity, the infant had a multitude of health concerns that contributed to his death.

What was the cause of death for Bryan Renteria Jr?

She got to the clinic just in time to see that the child’s heart was still beating when she did. The specialists were unable to stop her from withdrawing from the program. Sadly. She began having contractions shortly after her water burst, and her doctor had no choice but to do an emergency caesarean surgery on her immediately. After they were finished, Isabel and Renteria had to leave the place without their kid to continue. In order to increase his chances of survival, the physicians decided to admit him to the newborn critical care unit (NICU). A medical procedure had to be performed on the baby boy on October 4, 2021, only one month after he had been born due to a medical condition.

Furthermore, even though the medical professionals put in a great deal of effort, the child was unable to endure, and he departed this world without ever so much as opening his eyes. Since the tragedy, Mayra and Bryan have not addressed the passing of their child in any public forum; nonetheless, a number of news organizations have paid their respects and expressed their condolences for the young person. Investigations into the death of Mayra Touch of Glam’s child are ongoing, and many people are still attempting to find out what happened to him.

What happened to Bryan Renteria Jr?

The tragic deaths of Bryan Renteria and Mayra Isabel have left the nation in disbelief, even though no official explanations have been provided. Everyone is heartbroken at their loss. Before getting married on September 30, 2017, several of them had been seeing one other for a considerable amount of time and were serious about their relationships. Bryan is a video supervisor on YouTube and has 39.9 thousand followers.

Mayra is a well-known independent cosmetics artist who also runs a channel on YouTube under the name Mayra Touch of Glam. This channel has 2.14 million followers. The terrible loss of Bryan Renteria Sr. was mourned by everyone from the moment his son Bryan Renteria Jr. was born. During this difficult time, we would like to express our condolences to Bryan and Mayra. Nobody can understand how they must feel right now since the heavy load they are carrying is so heavy.

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