How did Shane Dawson treat his cat? YouTuber Shane Dawson apologises for making dirty jokes about his cat

Shane Dawson, 30, internet comedian-turned-YouTuber, is everywhere online. Before Shane became the Dr Phil of YouTube, recording multi-part docu-series with the platform’s greatest, he did many things he now regrets, such as donning blackface and making jokes about paedophilia. For what reason has Shane Dawson become so popular? And what exactly did Shane Dawson have to say about his house cat?

What exactly did Shane have to say about his cat?

The influencer with over 21 million followers came to Twitter to set the record straight after an interview from his old podcast from 2015 leaked over the weekend. A sexual encounter between Shane and his cat was shown in a video from 2014, which he had posted online. Shane had previously said that he had put his cat to sleep on her back. He then repositioned her chicken-like legs so that they were spread out or anything. He said he abused the cat and explained that he had never had this desire. He mentioned he was 19 when this thing happened.

Shane is now saying that he made up the whole thing

With all the talk about Shane and his cat on the internet, the YouTuber felt compelled to address the matter on Sunday. When the opportunity arose for a humorous moment in the podcast, I described it as if it were an actual incident, Shane said, adding that he afterwards realised how nasty and naive this had been. He said the story was based on an old image he never used. Further stated that his objective with the podcast and videos was to deliver surprising tales that would make people laugh, shout ‘Omg No U Didn’t! ‘, and think he was insane. He confessed that it was humiliating, and he felt terrible about himself.

I regret what I stated in my snarky comment about my cat, which Shane wrote. I apologise for ever having thought it was humorous to be incredibly disrespectful and surprising all the time and for the hurt I’ve caused by the words I’ve uttered about others. The things I’ve done in the past, I regret. But I’m sick with the need to make amends, and I know that without my history, I wouldn’t be who I am now, and I wouldn’t be able to develop and focus on things that matter.

Shane takes pride in the man he has become

Shane is the kind of person who could have done all the things he regrets and yet be happy with the person He has become. As time passed, He matured. A few things have been updated in the material. I’m so proud of myself for how many times I’ve apologised for my insensitive humour. The YouTube sensation has an estimated net worth of $4 million, thanks in large part to the sales of the two autobiographies, the most recent of which is titled I Hate Myselfie: A Collection of Essays. 

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