How does a Black Ocean affect the K-Pop world?Explained Details

K-Pop group comes with a fair share of trouble which was encountered a Black Ocean is the most dreaded for all. K-Pop is no stranger to the fans by their break performance and the approval of the audience, which is an encouragement for their performances, and disapproval will be dejected theirs performs. There are many ways that K-Pop fans will particularly demonstrate their appreciation in live performances; the best one will be light with sticks.

K-Pop fandom has its light stick, which will often use up on the stage during the performances with a colorful glow. Lit up in the stadium during the concerts will show the popularity of K-Pop groups, and also it will be used to know whether the fans like their performances. If the fans do not like their performances, they will often use the same devices, which is called a Black Ocean or the reverse of the ocean light.   

How did a Black Ocean affect a K-Pop group? 

A Black Ocean is a popular trend used by the audience, and they will turn off their light sticks or phone to show their lack of support for the artist or group performances on stage. Turn off the light sticks in the normal lit, and the fans section will be dark like Black Ocean, discouraging performances. If one part of the fans doesn’t like the performances, they turn off their light sticks, and their side will be dark.

Famous groups which have encountered a Black Ocean  

  1. Girls Generation

Girls Generation is the rookie girl band in South Korea, and in 2008 they encountered Black Ocean. When the girl performed in the dream concert with many other groups like DBSK and Wonder Girls, and Super Junior. The Girls Generation faced the horrifying 10 minutes with Black Ocean during the performances. In 2103, in a dream concert, they came back with cheers and accolades from their fans for their performances, and they held the top popular girl group in South Korea.  

  • Seventeen

Seventeen is a famous concert, and they encountered darkness when the performances at the MAMA awards in 2015. Some groups of their fans had turned off their light sticks, and some fans of the group did not turn off their light sticks because they did not have light sticks, and the stadium fully turned into darkness.

  • BTS

BTS is one of the most popular K-Pop groups, and no popular band exists worldwide. The popular group has also encountered the Black Ocean when performing in the Melon Music awards. Exo K-Pop group fans in the audience had turned off their light sticks when the BTS group was performing. Because of that incident, there was a conflict between the fans of the BTS army and the Exo-Ls army for more than seven days. When the Exo group performed, BTS fans turned off their light sticks as revenues EXO army did to BTS.

  • T-ARA

T-ARA has also faced the Black Ocean by their fans while performing, and many of them have turned off their light sticks as they don’t like the performances. Then in 2021, T-ARA came back with rocking performances, and their fans were happy about that.

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