How does limited menu increases profits

As a restaurateur, you might find it quite interesting to listen to customers about their menu preferences. In a survey conducted by Onmilwaukee, 35% of the diners would prefer an online menu. However, when it comes to the size of a menu, your restaurant is left with two choices. An extensive menu with numerous dishes or a limited menu with a few dishes.

Top reasons for choosing a limited menu

Let’s explore the major reasons that make a limited menu more profitable option for restaurateurs.

Reduced food costs –

In these times of Covid-19, footfalls are quite low at restaurants. Hence, if you are opting for an extensive menu, there are more chances of food wastage. With a limited menu now cut down your food costs. It will help you forecast the exact amount of ingredients and have better grip over the inventory management process.

In the case of an extensive menu, it’s a cumbersome task to store and keep a track of the vast amount of raw materials.

Increased profits –

Focusing only on the top selling or signature dishes can fetch you good profits. Even if you are charging a higher price for those items, most of the dine in customers don’t mind shelling out extra money. With India’s leading digital restaurant management software Inresto POS, now you can offer your diners a digital menu.

It also helps you identify the fast moving and slow   moving dishes on your menu.

Lower headcount –

A limited menu means a reduced number of dishes on offer. Now your chefs and other kitchen staff don’t have to spend much time on cooking. The same is the case with waiters as serving food also becomes quite simpler. In short, a limited menu automatically cuts down your employee strength to the minimum. Saving money in terms of employee salary can be quite a relief in these tough times.

Parting Words

With a limited menu, now it’s pretty easy for your diners to choose their favourite dishes. Unlike an extensive menu, they don’t have to pick the best from a long list of dishes.

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