How is Filing Form 2290 Beneficial With an E-file Service Provider?

Every truck owner should be aware of the Heavy Vehicle Use Tax charged on every truck that weighs 55,000 or more and uses 5,000 miles or more in a tax year.

To pay HVUT return, the IRS has issued certain rules and regulations. You must file 2290 online through an e-filing partner. It is one of the easiest and quickest ways to file taxes without any hindrances.

Here are a few things to consider before choosing an e-filing partner so that you can avail the maximum benefits of e-filing.

  • IRS authorized service provider: Filing of form 2290 can get a little complicated in case the person does not get in touch with the right e-filing partner. So it is very important to look for an e-filling partner that is an authorized service provider of the IRS.
  • Free registration to e-file: If the person is new to this process, he/she needs to get the right guidance from the right e-filing partner. Several e-file service providers offer registration free of cost.

The person just needs to visit the website and fill in all the required details with them. They can then log into their account and avail all the services offered.

  • Pre-file form 2290: You can pre-file your form 2290 to avoid the last-minute filing stress. The tax period of HVUT starts from 1st July and ends on 30th June of the following year. The due date for filing the tax is 30th August.

Pre-filing ensures that you receive your Schedule 1 as soon as the IRS starts accepting the form and can help you make any corrections before the due date if your file gets rejected.

  • Free of cost refiling: If your form gets rejected due to any errors, certain e-file providers allow you to make changes and refile free of charge.
  • Simple and quick: E-filing makes the overall process of tax filing much easier than before. You just have to enter the required details on the website, and voila, you will get the stamped Schedule 1 copy to your registered email address.
  • Multiple payment options: E-filing provides multiple payment modes. The user can make payments through any of the modes according to convenience, like debit/ credit card, EFW, EFTPS, and check/money order.
  • Secured transactions: To do the tax payment, the person needs to fill in all their bank account details, which can make people wary of someone misusing their data.

But most IRS authorized e-file service providers are equipped with highly protective software that makes sure that all the information submitted by the user is restricted from the use of any of the third parties.

  • Tracking your application: Several e-file service providers offer their users the facility to track their form 2290 status. The user will be able to track the status of their form and get updated via mail, fax, and text on whether their form is accepted or rejected.
  • Customer-friendly services: Most e-file service providers offer 24/7 customer support. Any person can visit the platform and get all the information they need by contacting customer support.

All these benefits might incline any truck business owner towards e-filing their form 2290. Not only this, but e-filing also provides timely notification regarding the form 2290 due date and various other form 2290 instructions the applicant needs to follow to minimize the chances of IRS penalties.

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