How Long Does it Take for SEO to Show Effect?

You might be eager to know how long it would take to get your page ranked on the SERP as soon as you get started with your SEO work. Unfortunately, though the question might seem simple, answering could be much tougher than one could think.

Though calculating the exact time is impossible, one can have an estimate by evaluating several aspects. These aspects might include the duration of your website’s existence and the amount of optimization previously done by your SEO agent. It also asserts how important it is to hire a Sydney SEO agency.

Here are a few factors that could help you evaluate how long it would take for SEO to show Effect.

1.     Domain’s Age

The age of your website is not a vital factor, but it is associated with the duration of your website’s functioning.

A former Google engineer Matt Cutts even brushed off the claims about the linkage of domain age to SEO effectiveness by saying, domain age isn’t a big thing. As long as you have been around and working on it, you would show up in search results.

Though all recent claims showed, older domains benefited from SEO much quicker than the newer domains. And the main reason behind it is the number of backlinks older domains carry.

2.     Building Links

Gathering trustable links can be quite a task if you are doing things all alone. Since backlinks are a crucial part of the Google algorithm, it is better to hire a Sydney SEO agency.

However, no matter how big the task is, you should avoid using black hat tactics. That’s because Google penalties are a high-priced fix. It would not just affect your budget but might also get your website scrapped.

3.     User-Friendly Interface

A major section of your website ranking depends on how friendly your website interface is. If your webpage or the URL isn’t well organized, your ranking could considerably go down. It might take you so low that you might have to assert double the effort to get back to where it initially was.

Your website layout should be accessible on mobile phones too. It’s important to do so to maintain a pace with the Google algorithm changes.

4.     Competitor Analysis

Analyzing how your competitors work, especially those that dominate the search results can help you learn a lot. It lets you have an idea about the patterns, keywords, and various strategies that work.

If you want to estimate how long it would take for your SEO to show results, try analyzing your competitors. It would help you know the level of demand surrounding your offering and curate a plan that shows instant results.

5.     Strategizing Your Content

We are all well aware of the adverb, ‘content is the king’. Hence having a well-drafted content strategy is a must if you want your website on the first page of searching engine results.

It is often seen that websites that publish valuable content regularly tend to hold a much higher rank than those that don’t.

Since search engines have a more granular understanding of pages, crafting a strategy can help you promote your rank.


Since SEO is an extensive process, it is difficult to predict the exact time your business would require to hold a rank of SERP. However, if you hire a Sydney SEO agency, you might reach the goal sooner.

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