How long has Tyga been dating Kylie Jenner? Duolingo criticizes rapper about the age gap over predator controversy, Details explored!

Duolingo decided to confront the rapper about the rumours surrounding his relationship with Kylie Jenner after he uploaded a snippet of his song to TikTok and shared it with his fans. There has been a great deal of conjecture around Tyga and Kylie’s love story ever since the pair announced the existence of their connection. Their fans continue to refer to them as a couple even though they ultimately decided to stop their relationship and break up. The most eye-opening comment was provided on the official Duolingo TikTok account.

Tyga’s TikTok explored

On December 4, Tyga shared a lip-sync video for his song “Rack City” that was uploaded to The rapper is heard repeating “Ten ten ten twenties and them fifties” throughout the track. He decided to use the caption for the shot: “Good morning.” Although several users also commented, the response from the official Duolingo account received more views. The question is, when are we going to talk about Kylie? The remark attracted a lot of attention on the internet, and within a short time, several people commented on it. So far, 99,900 people have liked the comment. Tyga has not yet provided a comment in response to the feedback. On the other hand, fans are under the impression that a social media manager for Duolingo posted the comment accidentally.

The age difference between Kylie Jenner and TYGA is explored

The Cheat Sheet indicated a gap of eight years in age between the two of them. The wide gap in their ages has long been a topic of speculation and a source of entertainment. Before Kylie reached the age of 18, the pair did not come out and disclose that they were dating publicly. When Kylie and Tyga were still together, Kylie spoke about him quite a bit on Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Meanwhile, the rapper has participated in many projects as a guest artist. In addition to that, he attended the parties that were held in her honour on her birthday. Even though they had been together for a considerable time, in 2017, they decided to end their relationship.

What caused the breakup between Kylie and Tyga?

According to a story in Billboard, the age difference between Kylie and Tyga was why they decided to end their relationship. She went into additional detail about this issue in an episode of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” which aired on E! According to Kylie, there was not the slightest tension between her and T. They have developed an unshakable bond that will last for eternity. Even a vicious fight did not take place. They have lately concluded, or rather she made it clear, that she is quite young. Even though she knows he is not the kind of person who steals, she does not want to feel that she was tricked in hindsight. Kylie and her musician partner, Travis Scott, had recently had their second child, a baby boy.

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