How Much Do Professional Essay Writers Earn

Professional essay writers have students as their primary customers. Some consider hiring freelance writers cheating, but it’s a grey area. Professors grade their learners based on what they learned. They want to know their students’ research and essay writing skills. Therefore, they may require formats such as MLA or APA, which a student may find confusing. Moreover, these instructors also check for plagiarized content.

Plagiarism is theft, and students are careful about it. Thus, writing plagiarism-free content for them provides confidence for learners, and it also offers them a template for succeeding papers. Moreover, some students work part-time and may not have time for extra hours for homework. In addition, they may be taking care of a sick relative or getting sick themselves.

Therefore, learners may not have the time and energy to write essays. They also need help from time to time. Thus, it’s understandable if they hire professional writers to write their assignments.

Reasons for Writing Papers Professionally

Before delving into the earnings of a professional essay writer, it’s best to consider why someone may even consider becoming one. Setting aside the ethical issue, it’s evident that custom writing has its pros.

  • Academic Topics

If writing is your talent, you will likely enjoy writing papers in college. You thrive in researching topics. Therefore, professional writing is a perfect job because you’ll know which academic subjects you understand well. Moreover, it’s challenging to become a professional essay writer if you don’t enjoy the writing process.

  • Decent Money

Professional essay writers earn from $9 to $15 per page, depending on the paper level that the customer orders. But, of course, if they’re excellent at writing, they can make four times more than the usual fees.

  • Steady Orders

Students always need someone to write their assignments; thus, professional writers have an assurance of continuous work.

  • Flexibility

An essay writer can work anywhere and anytime they wish, but they should deliver on time.

  • Fast Payment

Professional essay writers can receive payment weekly.

Who Hires Professional Essay Writers

Students who order essays online aren’t talentless or lazy. On the contrary, many want to do their assignment independently, but due to time constraints, they must seek the help of professional essay writers. Moreover, another group of customers consists of ESL students who aren’t native English speakers. Thus, they struggle to write essay reviews in English. As a result, they lack confidence and prefer to hire a writer for a high grade.

The lazy students are also customers. They’re wealthy learners who can pay someone to finish their papers. Moreover, they may not be concerned about the ethics issue because they have the money to pay someone to write their essays.

How Much Do Professional Essay Writers Make?

Essay mills are websites offering both cheap and costly writing services. They employ writers worldwide, and their customers can pay more if a native English speaker writes their assignment.

Unfortunately, cheap essay mills can’t hire brilliant writers because they only charge up to $15 per page. They take a commission per order, while the freelance gets the rest of the money. Professional essay writers working in cheap essay mills have no problem searching for customers because they’re aplenty.

Professional writers working in inexpensive essay mills are usually from Asia or Africa and earn up to $400 monthly. On the other hand, talented essay writers work for expensive service providers and receive up to $40 per page. They’re into academic writing. Generally, they earn up to $1,000 weekly.

Freelance companies and platforms are thriving, and they have fixed pricing systems. Moreover, they connect the customers with their writers.

Final Thoughts

Essay writing services connect the students with professional writers who can do the work well. There may be an ethical issue about this type of service, but there are also many reasons students use them. Generally, essay writers earn well, especially if they’re good at what they do. In addition, this type of service provides jobs to people worldwide who can produce written content well.

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