How Our Hobbies Have Been Changing During Lockdown

The arrival of COVID-19 in 2020 changed the world as we know it. Aside from the more serious implications that came with it, we also saw a change in daily life.

Most noticeably, how our hobbies have been changed. Social distance rules and general regulations meant people couldn’t see each other, so you had to rely on hobbies you could enjoy on your own.

Walking And Running

Despite the fact we entered a pandemic and were told not to leave our homes apart from certain reasons, including exercise, we probably ended up doing more walks than usual.

This is most likely due to the fact that the allocated time allowance we were given for exercise was the only chance we had for enjoying fresh air and any sense of normality.

This is why you would have seen so many people out on walks in areas you probably haven’t seen many people for.

This then evolved into running. People wanted to try and keep fit due to being stuck inside and, especially during the summer, running was seen as a great hobby to pick up. You could either do it free hand, or you could get a device such as a Fitbit or Apple Watch to record your runs.

Indoor Plant Loving

Plant care has been a great way for people who had to stay at home to get a feel for nature around them again. There are so many different species of plants that are viable for indoor growth, as well as different sizes and shapes to help fit any home.

Owning and caring for plants in your home have proven to help boost your mood, productivity, concentration and creativity. It also makes you feel like you’re doing something good too, keeping you active and giving you a great sense of reward.

This inevitably led to plant buying turning into something like collecting. You wanted to gather as many as plants as possible.For more crafting ideas, you can also check see the hobby gain traction.

Online Games

What we have seen a great increase in during lockdown, has been the rise of games. More commonly, this has been video games. You would have heard of popular games such as Fall Guys and Among Us during the end of 2020, but it goes so much deeper than that.

The obvious bonus to playing online games during lockdown, has been how you can connect socially with friends. It’s been almost like going to the park and hanging out. Sometimes, the games played don’t even matter, it’s just an excuse to speak to people.

Apart from video games, we’ve also seen an interest in online casino games. Understandably so, as they allow you to enjoy the same games in physical casinos, all from the comfort of your own home.

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Creative Outlets

Some surprisingly positive hobbies this year have all come from being sat at home, indoors. More creative experiences, that you teach yourself and learn from.

One of the most popular being painting. Paint supplies from online arts and crafts stores starting selling out during lockdown as the supply couldn’t meet the demand. Painting is quite therapeutic, so you can understand why it became so popular so quick.

It’s also a forgiving hobby, making a mistake can be fixed or amended using imagination quite easily.

Journaling has also been in the spotlight this year. The age of having a diary is over, these days it’s all about using a journal, which is what we sawlast year. The useful features of a journal, compared to a diary, is that you can really personalise what’s inside.

For example, you could have pages dedicated and designed by you to show what movies you’ve watched this year, with star ratings. You could make a travel page for the sole purpose of planning future holiday plans. Whatever it is that interests you, you can create it.

Knitting and cross stitching have seen a rise in popularity too, especially with younger people. This hobby even ten years ago was never really marketed for younger generations but viral videos, even TikToks, has helped see the hobby gain traction.

These hobbies are more time consuming than others, which has been great when there’s been nothing else to do.


You can’t talk about lockdown hobbies without mentioning baking. Baking took off massively in 2020, leading to major supermarkets running out of flour and general baking supplies.

Popular baking inspiration included, banana bread, sourdough, cupcakes and general cakes. You felt a sense of accomplishment from learning how to bake. Everyone started off with a failed bake and when you got better and better, you felt good.

Aside from a sense of pride, baking was also popular due to many cafes and shops being closed, allowing you to create some favourites that you would have missed.

You could get really personal and creative with it, this led to growing independent bakery companies operating out of people’s homes.

Especially with events such as birthdays and anniversaries. There was much more innovation in catering for the people you love when options were limited. You could either make it yourself or find a budding new business to help you out.

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