How to Build a Modern and Efficient Standing Desk

If you have to work from home but cannot afford to purchase a standing desk, you can make it on your own. For that, you need an old desk and some tools. If you don’t have a desk that you can rebuild, you can make a desk top or order one.

Then, you need to choose a table lift. There are many reliable manufacturers from which you can purchase a good table lift as well as under desk storage if you work with documents. You can choose the needed model and colour. And if the needed option is not available, you can place a custom order.

Choose the Table Lift Carefully

Don’t forget that the table lift needs to comply with some requirements. While such details as, for example, colour, might be not crucial, other features are vital to the success of your project. Those are:

  • The lift shape: it will differ depending on whether you want an L-shaped desk or a usual desk. to make things clear: a usual lift might not work properly with your big L-shaped office table.
  • The lifting power: you might choose a simpler option for a usual desk. But if you work with, say, several monitors or other items that weighmore than average, ensure that your lift can manage the weight of all your equipment.
  • Make sure you get also the right control system. While some might be ok with a switch, others prefer to be able to manage a desk with remote control.
  • What about movement speed? It might not seem crucial but if the item moves too slowly, you will spend a lot of time just lifting or lowering it. The slower the item is, the more time you will be wasting. It will impact work productivity in a negative way.

Now, It Is Time to Move to Installation Works

Now, when everything is ready, you can start to build your own desk. If you have a desktop, there is not much to do. All the mounting holes are pre-drilled. Also, all the needed fixing elements are included in the delivery set.

You need to fix the top to the lifting frame. Before tightening the bolts, test the item. It shall move smoothly. If it works finely, tighten the bolts and install the control unit. After the job is done, fix the storage unit if you have one, and the desk is ready. If you need more storage space, you can check automated organizers for papers and accessories.

Of course, this is an easier version of how to make a height-adjustable desk. You might want to make your own desk top. Or you might wish to construct a lifting frame independently. Then, you will have to buy the needed materials, including linear actuators. The requirements for the linear actuators are the same as those that we mentioned above.

Now, you see that several options are available. And in the very end, even the most elaborate height-adjustable desk is not that expensive as you could have imagined before.

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