How to Check Mobile SERP for Top Ranking of Your Website

It is undeniable that a website can help your business to succeed. However, for this to happen, your website must be optimized to be found by search engines. A pro team of SEO specialists can help you to optimize the content on your site for a specific engine such as Google. In this way, your chances to be featured on a Google SERP would increase.

It is also important to optimize the content of your site to the type of device the user will use to access it. Nowadays, most people access websites through a mobile device. Thus, the optimization must target mobile devices first. It is not uncommon to create two versions of the same site: mobile and desktop.

After the optimization, you have to check whether this is giving the expected result. You do it with the help of a SERP checker tool. This software shows the position of your site on a SERP for a specific keyword. Such an analysis allows you to find the best keyword in your niche for a specific search engine and type of device. provides a SERP checker that can greatly help you with this task. Some of its most important features are:

  • Comparison of SERP positions between searches on mobile and desktop devices;
  • SERP results for different locations of the search;
  • Comparison of results over different search engines;
  • SERP results for different users’ languages.

Bonus tip: One more tool to check the website ranking is Kyword Rank Tracker by Sitechecker.

Moreover, the SERP checker tool by allows you to export results to your local computer. Thereby, you can review and analyze the results more easily.

The Benefits of Using a SERP Checker

The said tool is a SERP checker online with a free trial for 7 days. Go to and create an account to use the free trial. This is the best tool to make your business more competitive online. For example, you can also monitor the SERP ranking of your SEO competitor.

You can identify what’s working for them and try to replicate it on your website. Alternatively, the software can give you a hint about the keywords your competitor has omitted. You can include such keywords to have some advantages.

You can easily check the SERP results for mobile devices on this SERP position checker. Before you start the analysis, you must specify the keyword or set of keywords of your interest. You must select the search engine for which the analysis will be performed. Finally, you must select whether the analysis must consider the use of a mobile or desktop device. It is quite simple.

This type of information can help you to take business decisions also. For example, if your products are sold as a white label, this tool will help you find the best retailer or distributor. In all cases, you can choose to analyze mobile devices first. This type of software helps you to economize a lot of time. You won’t need to do this type of analysis manually.

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