How to choose a ball gown according to your figure

The emotions experienced when buying a party dress are endless; that is why we have created many options for party dresses full of color.

When looking for a dress, it is necessary to think about the following: if the event will take place in a garden or a room, if it is day or night, if the dress can be worn again on another occasion or only in one, if you can combine it with different styles of accessories or not and, of course, the most crucial variable in the decision to buy a dress is choosing the one that looks best on you! What when you see yourself in a mirror allows you to see the reflection of an absolute doll.

Choosing a party dress is a personal best in which many factors intervene: your personality, age, type of event, place of celebration, time of year.

In this article, we will focus on how to choose an elegant ladies loungewear according to your figure.

When we choose a dress, all women look for the same thing; we want that dress to make us feel good, unique, and elegant. The dress should reflect our personality and highlight our best features. The first piece of advice is always the same: look for a ball gown to feel safe, comfortable, relaxed, elegant, and original.

All the dresses are unique, a short or long ball gown, depending on the moment, spectacular or straightforward according to your personality. All are designed and thought out to the last detail to fulfil a mission: to make us shine in a particular moment.

But every woman is different, and what suits one woman may not be the best fit for another. You have to find that ball gown that is designed for you.

Characteristics that we can take into account when buying party wear dress

We are going to see some characteristics that we can take into account, and they will help us when deciding the elegant dress that best suits us according to the type of figure.

Surely no one knows better than you what suits you best; you’ve been checking all your life that, for example, when a garment fits your hips, it is loose at the waist or do not fit your bra size, your legs are not as long as you would like or your back is too broad.

The perfect ball gown should accentuate your best features and disguise those that are less flattering to you. Do you find it difficult? 

  • Party dresses for oval body silhouettes

The oval type of figure is usually characterized by curves and the lack of a marked waist. It is more common with age and can be associated with excess volume in the abdomen. The fact that, at present, it does not correspond to the canons of feminine beauty that society imposes on us does not prevent those curves from being able to shine with elegance and security. 

  • Party dresses for pear-like body silhouettes

You have generous hips. This is the main characteristic of the body with the pear-like figure; the hips are more comprehensive than the shoulders and chest. 

  • Party dresses for rectangular body silhouettes

In the rectangular figure, the measurements of shoulders and hips are very similar (less than 20 centimetres of difference), there is no marked waist, and, usually, the chest is small. In short: there are no curves.

What should be done? Look for ornaments and details that simulate those curves and highlight differentiated areas on your body. 

Party dresses for the body with hourglass silhouettes.

It is the so-called perfect figure, the ideal figure in a woman’s body. Regardless of the size, this silhouette is characterized by balanced curves on the chest and hips with a thin and very marked waist. Practically everything will be good for you as long as you maintain the balance that your body already has..

  • Ball gowns for an inverted triangle silhouette

The inverted triangle-shaped silhouette is characterized by having shoulders more comprehensive than the hips. To balance the measurements of the shoulders and hips, you can choose to give volume to the lower area or to try to reduce the width of the shoulders visually. 

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