How to Create a Corporate Video Blog and How Can Shooting Blog Videos Help Your Business?

What is more effective to promote business or brand or product? Should I order a promotional video or a permanent shooting of video clips as blog content? Everything is important for solving specific marketing tasks. And what tasks will help to solve the video clips in a blog and when it makes sense to invest in its creation, that’s what we will talk about today.

Aims and objectives. B2B and B2C audience.

Like everything in any business, it starts with the goal to be achieved. Call it metrics, KPI, whatever you want. There can be a huge number of such goals. Let’s have a look at a couple of them:

  • Collect Leads and increase sales
  • Raise brand or company recognition

And which of them will help to achieve a video blog? Let’s take it in order.

Collect LEADs and increase sales.

This is the least likely goal you can set for a video blog. A blog is a game for a long period of time. It takes painstaking and painstaking constant work to build an audience, and only then can we talk about sales. Especially lucrative in our time are music video blogs, about the life of the stars, and so on. Therefore, using royalty-free hip hop beats for your projects is simply a prerequisite to earning honestly good money on this.

Blog sales are not easy.

It is a bit easier to deal with text articles like this one, especially if it has triggers and call-to-action for a potential lead. Like: “You can order the development of a corporate blog and get a mega expert team”… or “Get a free check-list for creating a corporate blog by mail”… blah, blah, blah, blah, and all that. 😁 And then the special sales team will attack the collected LEADs.

And on instagram, for example, you can immediately trade and tag the pictures with a price tag and a link to the store. But all this is not for our soul. At the end you will find some articles and materials on these issues, if you are interesting for people.

Technically, you can also add triggers and links to the video. But the model of video content consumption is slightly different. We watch videos because they are interesting and we don’t want to be distracted by anything. But if the viewer is interesting in the content of the video (for example, the approach of the authors to the provision of a service), he can refer to the description, which must be information for communication or a link.

Raise brand or company recognition

For this purpose, shooting video clips for a blog works perfectly. As long as the content you create is really interesting to the audience.

Here are a few ways to achieve this goal:

  • Something to teach;
  • Tell us something that others do not know about;
  • Amuse and build an emotional connection.

Training is probably one of the most common types of video in blogs of any company. If we do not know something, we follow the answers directly to the network. And to see a visual video is always easier than reading.

Training videos for Bayer “How to teach a dog to bark alone at home?”

Here’s an example of “Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution” which we developed for the pharmacy giant Bayer. We all love dogs, many of us have them. And dog owners sooner or later wonder how to teach a dog to do something, how to dissuade a dog from… And of course, all dog owners are concerned about the problem of parasites: fleas, mites, worms and other pests that cause a lot of discomfort. And we have just the drugs for all these parasites and we need to promote them.

I think it’s not worth dwelling on the fact that the ratio of direct advertising of our goods and services to interesting content should be in the region of 3 to 10, that is, no more than 30%.

In our blog we divided the content into three parts:

  1. Video clips with blogger experts on how to train a dog;
  2. Video reviews of drugs. Without advertising, just show how and when to use;
  3. Live commercials.

Of course, the most interesting videos for the viewer were videos based on the dog’s draughtsmanship. With their help, the main attraction of the audience. These videos, on the one hand, have nothing to do with our products, except for the branded screensaver, although, from time to time, we insert a product into them when it fits very organically. But their main purpose is to attract people to the blog.

Drops Lawyer for fleas, scabies, cat worms. Video overview from the manufacturer of the blog Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution“.

Then, when we got a loyal audience, work with them and tell them about the products to get into the product of first choice, when a person will be in front of a shelf in the store with frightened eyes and a dog bitten by fleas under his arm.

And of course commercials, which should also be cute in the topic of general content. But their point is not so much to advertise the YouTube channel visitors, but that these commercials are heavily promoted. And when the commercial finds a viewer in the expanses of the network, we will be able to attract him to the channel in the annotations. Here is an example of our promotional video:

The same principle works in B2B business. A buyer or responsible manager, wondering how to perform a task from the boss, may come across your blog (maybe you also came across our 😄), which will tell you how to approach such tasks correctly. And you and your trigger are already here, right? This is the type:

And the boss can also be the person who watches your blog (Sometimes it is boring to sit in the office without doing anything😄). And when the manager came to him with five controls from potential suppliers, the boss asked: “But these guys are asking? ” and the manager is already in a hurry to request the control from you. That’s the story that happened to one of our clients, when the boss sent the buyer to us and in the end we filmed a commercial for this client, as before the buyer mentioned very expensive agencies, and everyone liked our price.

It is a little more difficult to entertain the target audience and to build an emotional connection.

Many companies are just afraid of it. They call themselves a serious conservative company, the image of which can not entertain in any way. But often it is an internal subjective belief of the owner or top manager. The most important thing to remember is that even at B2B clients decisions are made by the same people as we are. They consume content in the same way and watch TV series, poor comedians and so on. Even the most avid and mega busy boss somehow has fun. The only question is who your audience is and what content they will be most interested in. And this content does not need to be directly related to your company or product, although it is very desirable to have such a connection.

Trailer of the Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Infinity War Official Trailer, which we shot together with the Convotherm brand.

Here is an interesting example of how the brand “Marvel” builds its communication through a touching movie.

Yes, no doubt, it is much more expensive to run such video blogs, but it allows you to accumulate your own audience and go far beyond the blog. That’s how Uncle Vani’s films were released in the cinema distribution and received prizes at major film festivals, and this is good PR. The media loved it.

But how often should new content be released?

Most of it depends on your audience and how they already consume other content similar to yours and your ability to produce videos without compromising on quality. After all , making movies is not an easy task.

Let’s go back to Technonikol, for example. Similar format mini-shows around the world try to issue every week or a couple of times a month. For such content it is important not to lose the audience and to show consistency, so that the viewer does not have time to forget about the show itself. Heavier content like movies cannot be released so often, but each movie is a separate event with its own premiere and destiny.

Of course, you shouldn’t go to extremes and throw out several episodes in one day. They will just compete with each other and in the end both will not reach the audience. And doing one review in six months isn’t the best strategy either.

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