How to extract editable text from acelebrity image by using OCR technology

Saw an amazing celebrity photo or a banner while driving, do not hesitate just click a picture of that. Now you must be thinking that you need to retype it in any word document or other editable format. But no, you just need to crop it and upload on any online free image to text converting tool and you’ll have the text from that picture in no time. OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition that is modern software that allows you to extract text from any sort of digital content as in pictures. Therefore, in the early times, this software had very rough and untrustable algorithms but with the passage of time and power of the computing industry, this has enhanced and have grown reliability. Now, it is very easy to convert images into editable text in no time. Just tap and you will have the text in an editable form that you can easily edit in a word processor.

This name gives the whole meaning to this online tool or this OCR software. Well, right now we are discussing the online tools of this software that are known as OCR online tool or image to text converters. We will guide you about these free online OCR tools that will assist yours in your projects. Therefore, you can convert any sort of graphical content into the text as in extract text from those images into editable word documents. You do not have to waste your time retyping the whole content that is on any image and is related to your project, just upload that image on these tools and get the text in any type of format.

How to extract text from ancelebrity image:

As you know this is just so simple if we compare it to the old ways of retyping the whole content. Well to pull out the text from images you just have to follow these steps. Follow them and you can then receive the text from the picture. These tools can extract text from scanned images, screenshots, pictures, and webpages or from any official document.

Upload the image having written content related to any celebrity using the upload feature.

If you need to change over a picture to a copy report employing a URL from pictures terms, for example, Google Images, Pixabay, Pinterest, or Shutterstock, basically glue the URL.

Lock the submit score to change over transferred pictures to text.

Yahoo! You took care of it.

You will get the content in the section where you can duplicate the content to the clipboard, download the content as .txt record, or spare it as an archive.

On the off chance that you need to change over a picture that incorporates text from different dialects, you can pick another dialect from the sideboard.

You can also convert an image that is in pdf format into text format.

What picture to text converting tool used for:

Presumably, the most notable use case for OCR is changing over printed-paper records into machine-coherent content archives. When a checked paper record experienced OCR preparing, the content of the archive can be altered with word processors like Microsoft Word or Google Docs. Before OCR innovation was accessible, the main choice to digitize printed paper archives was to physically re-composing the content. Not exclusively was hugely tedious, it likewise accompanied incorrectness and composing mistakes.

OCR is frequently utilized as a “covered up” innovation, controlling many notable frameworks and administrations in our everyday life. Less referred to, however, as significant, use cases for OCR innovation incorporate information passage robotization, ordering reports for web crawlers, programmed number plate acknowledgement, just as helping blind and outwardly hindered people.

It helps writers to get any text that is related to their topic on any celebrity, students in extracting text from their pdf reports. Businesspersons in getting the text from images that are being forwarded to them or are related to their business.

Why it is important:

If you’re using this tool in the good and right direction then it can be very helpful even in your daily routine.

  • Saves your time and energy.

When technology is here then what are you worrying about? It will save more than half of your time spending on rewriting the text from any image, will give the best results, and in your desired formats.

  • You can grow your business without any problem.

You can now extract text from your business documents and above all, these tools are free fo cost.*the one we’ve mentioned below.

  • You can get any sort of text from any type of image. (extraction from social media pictures)

We see interesting images at social media on a daily basis but the texts are sometimes quite long and we are so tired of retyping and that is why we leave that there. So now, do not lose hope because these tools will assist you in getting that text in your own version.

Top free Image to text converters:

The top best free online OCR (image to text converter) tools are;


This image to text converter is very good for converting the images taken from the phone. The image to text converter is very to use and can be used on screenshots


It is the best image to text converter. The website is very helpful in saving the time and effort of the user. The website is free to use and does not require any registration.


The website is very easy to use and can convert the images very easily into a document. The website is very good at using for low-resolution image conversion.

All of these above tools are free of cost and provides the best results. You can now have any type of text from any type of image in no time and in your desired format. The text from any of formatted image or any other webpage image will now be in editable text format.


So the only problem left was to find out the best free tools with latest technology and we even helped you in that too. So now, the only thing you need to do is select your image. Go and open your favorite tool from the above (because they are free of cost) upload your image and click on the button extract or submit. Then after a minute or within a couple of seconds, you will get the text from that image in the given box below that. Now you can copy the text to the clipboard or download its file in any format you want.

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