How to increase engagement on Instagram – Effective Ways

Instagram is one of the most useful social media for marketers. 13% of people in the world use it daily, and 80% of them follow brands for their needs. Marketers are looking for increasing Instagram engagement for spreading their business. Engagements are measured by likes, shares, and comments from consumers on your Instagram.

Nowadays brands need to track comments, saves, shares, Instagram Stories views, and even DMs to understand to check for the market. Besides all these impressive figures, there are some challenges encountered for Instagram’s marketing. Its marketing strategy sometimes reduces engagement rates and competition with other social media like Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, etc.

For this reason here we discussed some effective ways to increase engagement which may be paid or organic. These ways can take time but are effective for now and future purposes.

1. Post consistently

Brands need to be active to attract followers and boost engagement rates. According to studies, you must post consistently at least 1-2 posts in a day. Thus your feed will stay fresh and relevant. You will get more opportunities because at least some of your posts will be visible to others. By knowing the best time for posting on Instagram within Instagram’s algorithmic timeline your content will get higher engagement. 

Recommended post times can vary depending upon the type of content. To find this, spend some time monitoring and tracking Instagram analytics to know the best time to post. The best Time to Post feature automatically calculates the best time for your 7 top posts based on the performance of the recent month. You can even use some of the best instagram font generators to make your posts look more attractive.

2. Use Instagram Stories

More than 500 million Instagram users see Instagram Stories every day. Instagram Stories stickers are a great way to chat with your followers and share their opinions and experiences with you. This will also help to create a loyal following which is connected to your brand. While sharing a story about an upcoming event (like sale, product launch, or special announcement), you can think about a countdown sticker containing the date and time. You can use a question sticker to ask your followers some questions or what product they’d like to see.

Always share personalized and data-driven content which helps to drive engagement. A high level of authenticity to build a stronger connection to your audience encourages more engagement.

3. Become a partner of micro-influencers and create brand authenticity

Instagram influencer marketing increases day by day significantly, which allows the marketers with their leaders in the same sector. This pushes the brand to a wider audience because influencers work independently with their authoritative voice. It is also essential that the brand owners use the influencer strategy to increase the followers is to your brand. Micro-influencers can be more affordable for small businesses. They have a more personal connection with audiences, which builds your engagement a thousand times. Now you can collaborate with other business leaders and founders. You can also consider Instagram for sharing the inner workings of the company. Now you can start sharing about the authenticity on Instagram with more of your followers for increasing Instagram engagement.

4. Write Longer Captions

You can write an Instagram caption more than 2,200 characters long which shares a lot of space with your audience. One of the factors that affect Instagram post performs is the algorithm of “time spent on post.” This is one of the easiest ways to improve your Instagram engagement by writing longer captions.

If you can’t write every caption with thousands of words long, then you can try for other options. You can write it with a full sentence instead of using emojis which could help for increasing Instagram engagement.

You can also create savable content, shareable content based on your audience’s likes and needs. You can also add infographics, data that can build shock or spark, fun memes, or relatable quotes.

5. Use right Hashtags

For increasing your Instagram engagement you must understand which hashtags are driving the people most for your posts.

Hashtag Analytics, you can track the right hashtags for your Instagram post. Thus, you can see which posts generated the most engagement with relevant hashtags. You can also use a filter for Hashtag Analytics by various parameters such as likes, comments, impressions, reach, and saves. The great feature increases your content strategy, as you know to use the hashtags. 


Before making your Instagram account for a business purpose you must learn the ‘formula’ of increasing the reach of the content. For increasing the Instagram engagement rates, you must use the Instagram marketing strategy. There are many ways to do that, either by identifying the important hashtags or finding the best times to post.

Through such a monitoring process, you can develop the most important strategies for spreading your own brand name. Besides that, you can buy social media management tools from different websites.

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