How To Increase Instagram Followers Easily Online?

Instagram was officially launched on 06th October 2010, and by December 2010 almost 1 million people had created accounts on the fledgling social media platform. Over time Instagram has evolved from merely a photo sharing platform to a potent tool in a business’s marketing arsenal.

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Today’s world exists in a time of technology and communication. The spread of social media has taken over the world like a storm. So, are you a budding social media influencer and wish to gain more and more popularity in a short period of time? Gaining a large number of the following can take a long period of time and a lot of your efforts and resources but if you want to pop up on the newsfeed of large masses of people then you can also take the easier road and know how to increase Instagram followers.

If you buyInstagramfollowers, then ultimately the number of followers will increase. All this will be achieved in a very short span of time. Following the usual method may take months and even years to produce results. There is an almost 80% increase in year-by-year for videos. Why bother when you have this excellent tool in your hand that will ensure success and gives exposure without any waiting time. You can utilize this time in further developing your USPs and content. It gives the initial push to your business and creates the brand awareness it requires.

Key Statistics about Instagram:

  • Today more than one billion people use Instagram every month. On an average Instagram user spend about 30 minutes on the platform.
  • 81% people use Instagram to research about their prospective purchases.
  • 130 million people tap on shopping posts on Instagram every month.
  • 50% people have visited the website of a company, product or service after seeing it’ post on Instagram.
  • 2 million monthly advertisers on Instagram

All of these statistics and figures go on to highlight just incredibly important has Instagram become to modern business and their social media strategy.

How does Instagram measure success?

Typically, performance on Instagram is measure in context of the reach and engagement generated by each post or story uploaded. While reach can be defined as the number of people who view a post or story engagement is a metric of how many people take an action relative to the post. These actions are primarily, comment, share save and like.

On any given day, the cumulative number ofInstagram followers can be 3.5 billion and more! And for good reason, the little red heart on the bottom left corner of a post has been the most preferred way for users to express their approval for a post.

Why are Instagram followers so Important?

Instagram followersare a major factor that decide whether or not your content will trend on the platform, especially now when the feed is largely dictated by the new algorithm.

Instagram’s latest algorithm prioritizes content based on a number of factors including likes. They are the primary metrics which dictate the composition of user’s feeds. If in the past they have likes a post which is similar to your own, then the probability of your post featuring on their feed is higher.

Similarly, if a post manages to garner a large number of likes in a short while, then the chances of such a post being promoted by the algorithm are much greater, because in this scenario Instagram followersare considered to be the litmus test for the quality of content. 

As Instagram rapidly claims it place as the most preferred social media platform for businesses, Instagram followers are bound to experience their long overdue moment in the sun.

Frequently dismissed as a relic from anera when the platform was more of a digital photo album and not the marketing mecca it is today, the innocuous little red heart is fast proving itself to be the barometer of customer interest and intention. The only thing that remains to be seen is how well do businesses adapt their strategy to ensure that the little red hearts, show them the way to their customer’s hearts as well.

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