How to level up in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is one of the most famous and unique MMO RPGs due to the combination of shooter and classic MMO elements in a space setting.

Players will be able to explore other planets, hunt and complete quests, go to raids and dungeons and fight each other in PVP arenas.

Experience in such games plays a huge role, because it allows you to increase your level and open up new mechanics and talents, quests and strikes, raids and PVP mode.

Experience can be obtained in a classic and simulated way – we will consider all options.

  • Quests
  • Contracts
  • Strikes and raids
  • Grind and hunting


Quests are general tasks and assignments that are in the world of Destiny 2 and are needed to solve two problems at once:

  1. Narration about the game plot and general points related to the history of the world of Destiny 2, getting to know the key characters, the reasons why such events are happening now and what preceded them, in parallel, quests will reveal to you all new mechanics and turn the task into a learning process of all important stages that need to be mastered.
  1. Leveling up and issuing rewards in the form of experience, glimmers and periodically items of equipment. Tasks are primary and secondary. All main quests are often interconnected and go one into one, continuing the overall history of the entire Destiny 2 universe. All secondary quests play a supporting role and are needed so that players can supplement the main quests with additional ones and get much more experience and glimmers by completing several tasks at once .


Contracts are a mixture of quests and assignments. Once a week, you receive a list of duties that you need to complete if you want to get additional experience values.

Quests are not difficult and are always associated with secondary actions that you often perform in the world of Destiny 2 anyway.

For example, kill 100 monsters with a headshot, or hunt with a specific weapon.

It is important that you complete all the tasks before the end of the time period, otherwise the contract will simply be updated, and you will not receive a reward, regardless of progress.

The same scheme works in the opposite direction – if you want to take not one contract, but several, then upon completion of the current one, you can update them and not wait for the end of the week, for this you need to pay for a new contract for glimmers – the main currency of Destiny 2.

Strikes and raids

Strikes and raids are a type of hunting in dungeons, where the main task is to enter the temporary zone alone or as part of a group to defeat the boss and his retinue and get your experience and various equipment, which will significantly increase the potential of the hero.

Legendary equipment and weapons are especially valuable, and to get it you need to either win mythical raids as part of a large group with a chance that the drop will not go to you, or order the raid carry service.

Raidcarry service is help from professional Skycoach service. You are invited to the group and help to complete the raid with a guarantee of success and all the drop and experience will be received by your character.

To order, you need to follow the link – and specify the raid you want to go through, or choose feedback and discuss all the nuances and get answers to questions from the manager.

You can choose the format of joining the group, and then you need to clearly follow all the instructions of the leader.

The second option is to transfer the account to the Skycoach service so that professional players can complete the raid even without your participation. The service guarantees the safety of personal data, and you can track the status of the order online on the gaming site. Upon completion of the service, you need to change the password and you can look at the drop that was received in the process of farming the boss and completed in your inventory.

Strike is the initial stage and, in fact, an introductory zone to prepare for future raids.

You will go into the dungeon with two other players, but if you are confident in your abilities, you can go alone. You will have to tinker more, but globally you will cope with the task.

The main thing is to immediately kill the retinue of the boss so as not to accumulate unnecessary damage on yourself, and when they are finished, switch to the head of the dungeon.

Loot from such dungeons will help prepare for more difficult raids and become a kind of starting point for future success and strengthening the hero.

As for raids, they already require a full-fledged game composition for successful passage than strikes.

Your main task is to determine the game composition of the group and understand whether they will be able to pass the dungeon, or you will waste your time. It is best to assemble a group on your own, but in the first couple you will have to trust random players, or the Skycoach service.

Raids are divided into three levels of difficulty:

  • Ordinary
  • Heroic
  • Mythical


The standard raid format, which is essentially an introductory phase for the entire series of dungeons.

A standard campaign awaits you, where you will monitor the behavior of the boss, memorize his strengths and weaknesses, monitor his retinue and their behavior and will not make much effort to win.

Always be prepared to put in more damage at the stage when the boss has 20-30% health, then you need to deal maximum damage, because it is often at this stage that the head of the dungeon becomes more deadly to save his life and can cause quite a lot of damage, or even lead to failure.


A more difficult raid format that requires players to enter a larger composition to enter and a stronger level of equipment, but you will gradually beat it out in the standard difficulty of the raid.

The dynamics of battles will gradually become more difficult, the boss will be more active and have a large supply of health and attack power, of course, not like in the mythical difficulty level, but just like in the main version, but it also falls short of the difficult stage.

The equipment and weapons that are dropped on this difficulty level will come in handy to overcome the minimum requirement to enter the mythical version of the raid.


The most difficult raid format, where at least 15 people are required to enter and constantly control and evade the boss’s skills. You can’t make mistakes here – every mistake can lead to the failure of the whole group, so all participants need to be careful.

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