How to Maintain a Virtual Relationship during lockdown

To some, the idea of joining a dating platform seems like a last resort. With so many social settings, like singles bars or clubs, why would you need to rely on virtual matchmaking? The answer is simple. Since they were launched in the 1990s dating websites have soared in popularity, to the extent that millions of singles now seek out prospective partners in the online environment. The present pandemic has inspired even more individuals to go down this route. Whether you’ve recently clicked on one of these sites, or you’ve been in a virtual relationship for some time, here are some tips about ensuring you survive the lockdown!

Make the most of communication technology

Most modern dating sites offer a variety of ways for members to communicate with each other. As well as taking advantage of the familiar channels of messaging, emailing or making phone calls, technology has introduced innovative methods for individuals to touch base, such as video chatting. According to experts from, the advent of virtual reality software and hardware has introduced an even more tactile element to maintaining relationships. Although separated by distance, people can indulge in sensory experiences as they communicate.

Enjoy virtual house parties

The lockdown situation has introduced a whole new lexicon of words, from social distancing to virus hotspots to zoom technology. Where the latter is concerned, people within a relationship can enjoy social get-togethers even although they are living separately. Simply by clicking into links displayed on their laptop or smartphone, they can interact with the person at the other end, enjoying a full range of experiences – conversation, listening to music, drinking together. Friendship circles are a vital component of any relationship, so it is beneficial for any couple to be able to socialize in wider social groups. That this is being done remotely soon becomes an irrelevance as the individuals can see the people they are interacting with in real-time.

Treat online dates with a sense of purpose

Another tip towards maintaining effective virtual relationships is to make more of the times you are communicating with a partner. Rather than randomly getting in touch, it would make sense to stick to more of a rigid timetable. Set aside specific times of day when you aim to be making a zoom call or whatever is your favorite type of communication. If you are going to be unable to honor this commitment for whatever reason, ensure you give plenty of warning so this can be rescheduled.

Watch a movie together, with FaceTime

Watching a movie or Netflix boxset together has always been one of the staple activities for any relationship. This can still be done virtually, especially if you do so while activating FaceTime. As you watch your favorite movie together, you can keep track of your partner’s reactions to whatever is unfolding on screen. You can also pause the movie at the same time to discuss what is going on, just as you would if you were in the same room. Afterward, spend a while discussing whatever you have been just been enjoying, sharing in the experience, and anticipating catching the next episode.

Compile playlists

Musical appreciation is another vital backbone to any relationship. What better way to maintain the strength of your union than by suggesting additions to the playlists you share on your favorite streaming service, Spotify, Deezer or whatever? This will always remind you of your partner whenever you are playing these songs, even when distaned. You can have a lot of fun deciding what to add to your compilations, instigating fun conversations, and perhaps a little healthy debate.

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