How to Make Your Dorm Life More Comfortable


Not all dorms are comfortable, so you have to go through a lot of time to make your room your second home. The main problem is the lack of good furniture, decorative elements, and storage space. However, you don’t need to worry. There is a simple solution to increase the level of comfort in any dorm room. But how do you make your place of residence cozier? Here are tips for the main steps to make your dorm life more comfortable.

Prioritize Your Bed

You can easily give up tables, chairs or a large wardrobe, but a bed is necessary. Are you going to sleep on the couch? Such a decision is a compromise, but why not buy a single bed with a comfortable mattress? This solution will allow you to reduce the stress on the spine during sleep. Choose an orthopedic mattress, and you can feel much better in the morning. Moreover, there are trade-offs that you will surely enjoy. Buy an inflatable bed, and you can store it in your closet during the day.

This solution is especially true for small dorm rooms. Go to your nearest store and choose a bed. A comfortable place to sleep is a guarantee of good grades. Want to know why? If you feel tired and sleepy, you probably won’t concentrate on the educational process. There are apps to make your student life easier to reduce the daily stress on your brain. But your body will thank you if you buy a good bed. Think about it.

Use a Light Timer

Most students find it difficult to wake up early in the morning. Unfortunately, the timer on a smartphone is not as convenient as an analog device. Don’t worry, though. You can buy a light timer at any store. Such a device will allow you to find out what time it is at night easily. By the way, some devices allow you to project the dial onto a wall or ceiling. Imagine that you woke up early in the morning and saw what time it was without even turning your head to the side. Such a device is extremely convenient and will certainly make your life more comfortable.

Warm Up Your Floor

Surely your dorm room has cold concrete floors that keep you cold in the autumn and winter. How about a rug by the bed? Plus, there are heated mats that can be placed under the desk while you work. Such a purchase will be justified as you will feel very comfortable. In some cases, you can buy a large rug for the entire room. This solution will be most reasonable if your dorm is cold enough in winter.

Decorate Your Walls

Most dorms look like cardboard boxes of the same type with no interior design features. Chances are, your walls are as clean and empty as the easel of an artist who forgot to buy paint. How about hanging pictures or posters on the walls? Plus, you can attach a bracket and set up your TV. This option will allow you to enjoy watching movies and improve your interior. By the way, what about the flag of the USA or your state? Such a decorative element also makes sense, given that flags are inexpensive.

Get a Comfy Chair

Typically, most dorm rooms only have a bed or sofa, wardrobe, and old chairs. But do you want to sit at the table for hours uncomfortable? Surely you would like to write your papers while sitting in a comfortable chair. Go to your nearest store and choose the most comfortable chair. There are quite a few pieces of furniture with adjustable seating and an orthopedic back, so you will surely feel comfortable writing your papers in the evenings.

Use Photos to Remind You of Home

Surely you miss your family and friends while in the dorm. How about hanging a couple of family photos over your table or bed? First, you can decorate empty walls. Secondly, you will be able to feel the closeness of your family in difficult times. Buy a couple of beautiful collage photo frames and place them on the table. It will also make your room feel more comfortable and allow you to think about your family more often.

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