How to maximize Instagram account engagement

With over a billion and a half Instagram users in 2023, it is one of the most popular social media platforms and an amazing structure for user engagement and marketing. Influencers and companies with social media accounts have many ways to utilize the digital advertisement plane, reaching out to wider audiences than traditional media sources.

Because the content you see comes from followed accounts and recommendations from the algorithm, Instagram offers a more personalized marketing experience, where the user is more likely to see the content and product ads that align with their views and interests.

Modern companies leverage the flexibility of the platform by targeting as many benefits as possible. This includes engagement with the product through marketing deals with other influencers as well as ad placement on the main company account with a decent following.

Instagram users can share posts and stories to ensure active links between influencer advertisers, company accounts, and other users. Receiving a sponsorship with a link to the business account is a great way to stimulate engagement, but finding as many ways as possible to grow your account is the best way to become big on Instagram.

In this article, we will discuss the available solutions and automation tools that will help you increase engagement on Instagram. We will also discuss the safety precautions that let you use algorithmic automation without encountering errors and IP bans. For example, if you run a data collection tool like an Instagram scraper, routing these segments of internet traffic through a proxy server is the best way to avoid restrictions and blacklisting from the platform. To learn more about an Instagram scraper as well as other social media automation tools, check out Smartproxy – one of the most versatile providers in the proxy industry. For now, let’s stick to maximizing engagement on Instagram with algorithmic automation.

Why automation is the key

While all social media management activities can be performed manually, Instagram automation gives you more control over the flow of posted content and fulfilment of obligations for established partnerships and improve the page’s visibility from the outside with fake accounts. Also, another outside tool, a data scraper, can help you discover potential marketing partners and influencers. This can be achieved by following accounts with specific names associated with your niche or tracking posts with particular hashtags, where other accounts promote similar products, activities, goods or services.

By approaching these benefits with great automation solutions, one manager can control all aspects of social media marketing with the help of a tight schedule, organic execution patterns, and other aspects that ensure the fluid completion of all assignments without attracting Instagram’s anti-bot systems.


Automated decisions

With extensive Instagram automation software like InstaZood, social media managers can schedule posts, distribute likes to chosen targets, follow new accounts based on predetermined criteria, and leave personalized comments that engage with other content pieces.

A good manager distributes all decisions with a slight delay to not bombard Instagram servers with tons of connection requests at the same time. This helps them avoid IP bans and interact with other accounts to keep them engaged.

Fake social media accounts

If active posts and interactions with other accounts struggle to stimulate user engagement, it might be a good idea to fake some of the success and accelerate growth with fake social media accounts.

By adding a boost to your Instagram followers with bots, you can create fake engagement with the account, which will lead to the appearance of recommendations for real users. Managing fake accounts can be difficult, especially if you mess up at the start. Creating them all on the same public IP address will instantly flag your IP for suspicious activity, stopping you from any progress. Thankfully, there is a solution that protects all online bot activities – proxy servers.

Boost engagement with proxy servers

When companies and business-minded individuals work with automation tools, the efficiency and continuity of these tasks depend on proxy servers. With the help of the best proxy providers, you can get cheap residential proxies that give you a new IP address while remaining invisible from the regular internet traffic.

With an extra station between you and the destination of sent data packets, proxies create an extra layer of security that can always be replaced with a new address from a massive pool of residential IPs. They also give you freedom of accessing the web from different geolocations. Here is how you set them up:

  1. Go to your automation tool or the general proxy settings for your device
  2. Under the manual setup, enter your proxy IP and port number
  3. Save your settings
  4. Test your proxy on or any other similar site
  5. That is it! You are good to go!


Digital automation tools provide essential help for maximizing growth and engagement on your Instagram accounts. Use them with the protection of proxy servers, and you will conquer social media in no time!

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