How to Maximize Your Earnings Playing Games on Twitch

Do you run a Twitch channel? Perhaps you’re thinking about setting one up? Either way, the following tips will help you to maximize your earnings when playing games via this platform.

A professional setup

Firstly, it is important to have a professional streaming setup if you want to make a name for yourself on Twitch. For a start, a substandard camera or microphone would make your setup appear amateurish. It also helps to have a professional intro, border, and other graphics.

This professionalism also extends to you as a streamer. For example, having a confident yet welcoming demeanor is going to be much more beneficial than a nervous and confrontational one. With that said, this is something that may turn into a work in progress – not everyone is a natural when streaming.

Maintain a regular schedule

If you only appear on Twitch every now and again, you’re going to struggle to build and maintain an audience. Therefore, sticking to a schedule is essential. You don’t necessarily have to be regimented to the point where you, say, appear every Monday and Thursday at 7pm. Yet appearing at least once every week is required.

Play games people want to watch

It’s an obvious point, right? However, too many Twitch streamers focus on games they want to play, rather than think about what their audience wants to watch.Of course, you don’t want to go with any games you don’t enjoy. Take the time to find titles that cater to both you and your audience’s desires.

Picking the latest game releases is always a safe bet, as is selecting any trending titles. Horror games like Resident Evil and Phasmophobia are also popular as people love to see streamers jump out of their seats to scary moments.

Earn with other avenues

Your hope will be to earn money through Twitch with subscribers, Bit donations, and ad revenue. Yet don’t be scared to look at other avenues when generating cash.

For instance, there are real money earning games’ available – such as eSports titles like League of Legends and Fortnite – where you can bet on yourself to win. So, if you’re proficient at a certain game, you can make money from bets and broadcast your matches live on Twitch at the same time.

Plus, if you manage to reach a certain level of Twitch fame, you could also land sponsorship deals or sell your own merchandise.

Market your channel

Marketing your Twitch channel effectively requires a large slice of effort. Fortunately, there are various ways in which you can advertise what you have to offer.

Sticking with Twitch itself, it makes sense to partner with other channels when possible. If you can manage to become friendly with a particularly big Twitch user, simply receiving a shoutout from them on social media could give your channel a big boost.

You should also investigate promotional methods away from Twitch. Starting a concurrent YouTube channel makes sense, as you can simply use content from your Twitch channel to create videos. The same can also be said for using clips on the likes of Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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