How to play TWICE Heardle? The complete guide to Wordle, the music-themed version

Heardle is Wordle for music gamers. Possibly the only Wordle spinoff with its self-sustaining community is Heardle. K-pop heardle is only one of several Heardle variants that are numerous and diverse enough to warrant their subgenre. Some of the more well-known K-pop-inspired Heardles may already be recognizable, but this piece is dedicated to all the Once. Correct! Everything you need to know about the latest Twice Heardle is right here.

What does Twice Heardle mean?

The Twice Heardle brand was developed by the Twitter user “Twice Flies,” a fan of the female group Heardle. Each day’s minigame aims to identify a song from Twice’s intriguing discography within six tries. The rules of this challenge are the same as those of any other Heardle challenge. Like Heardle, Twice Heardle provides hints by playing only a portion of the 16-second introduction to a random Twice song; a dedicated listener will quickly catch on and identify the tune. And that’s why Heardle is the game to play to get the superfan badge by completing the challenge with the fewest music clues.

Where is the best place to play Twice Headle?

An online music game called Twice Heardle was developed by Glitch! Fans as a ripoff of the popular Heardle game; it’s available at no cost and may be played from any computer. You may play it online on a smartphone, smart TV, or PC/Mac. For obvious reasons, you can only participate in this daily challenge once daily. The game restarts at midnight local time, and a new Twice Heardle challenge is revealed.

Twice Heardle: The Rules

If you’re unfamiliar with the Heardle canon, the new layout, unique hint system, and gameplay may all appear strange. Yet, in reality, that’s not the case. To help, I’ve summarized the gameplay down below.

Take note of the dwindling minutes

The clues on Twice Heardle are delivered in the form of limited seconds. Since the aim is to finish the challenge in fewer attempts, if you can’t predict the song with the free (opening 1-second) tip, repeat the seconds to see if you can hum a continuing Twice song theme. Like Heardle, Twice Heardle lets you skip a guess if you’re worried about making a bad guess. To gain additional time, skip a guess if you haven’t made any headway on the mystery tune.

Try the search function

You can play around with the search bar for hints if you recognize the song’s beginning but can’t place it. This is the procedure that should be followed. Type a few letters or words into the search field, and a list of relevant results will appear. A phrase or song title might recall your memories of a Twice song.

Listen to the whole discography of Twice

The game’s soundtrack draws from the whole catalogue of the girl group’s Korean, English, and Japanese singles. So, don’t only focus on one language when making your predictions; instead, consider the whole scope of Twice’s international hitmaking success.

Take shortcuts

Keep this option in mind if you’re a die-hard once fan who can’t bring yourself to give up their fandom. Pull up the music app on your smartphone if you’re having trouble identifying today’s mystery tune. As one of the most popular k-pop acts, Twice’s music should be included in the music database.

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