How to Prepare for a Trip to Vegas

The pandemic is almost over and the world is getting back on its feet. This means, among other things,  that traveling will come back to our lives. And the fabulous Las Vegas, which is on the Bucket list of many, could be a great destination to start. 

But you should not go unprepared, especially if you are a little bit rusty after the lockdown as to what you need for traveling. In the following lines, you will find some advice that can help you enjoy the trip to the Entertainment Capital of the World, whether you are about to go there for the first time or you already have some experience. 

Make sure you book everything on time 

Las Vegas can get pretty crowded so make sure you plan ahead in order to get the dates you want. Keep in mind that this city was visited by around 19 million people during the pandemic. We believe this paints a nice picture of how many people you can expect to want to travel there when it is all over. 

So, it is absolutely essential that you make all the necessary bookings on time. And we are not just talking about accommodation. Many of the city’s attractions will have a waiting line, so you should check if maybe there is a possibility to book your tickets in advance and avoid the wait. Additionally, before you do anything, make sure you create a budget because Vegas is one of the most expensive destinations in the world.

Whilst we mentioned that the pandemic is almost over, face masks might still be mandatory in hotels and restaurants. It is up to the places themselves to decide, so make sure to check the rules that could apply to you and the people you are traveling with. 

Come prepared so as to enjoy gambling more 

Yes, there are many ways to be entertained in Vegas, one example being the shows of famous musicians. And yes, there are important sights to visit in the city and around it, from Fremont street in the old town to Vegas’ personal Venice and Paris. But let’s be honest, the number one goal of most of the visitors is to experience the famous Las Vegas casinos. 

In order to really enjoy this experience, we would suggest that you learn or brush up on the rules of games like blackjack and roulette. We agree that the most important aspect of gambling in Vegas is fun, but why not also win while you are at it. And if you want to earn serious cash, do thorough research because you can even find instructions on how to cheat slot machines if you search thoroughly. 

Pack suitable clothes and shoes

Las Vegas is, of course, rather big, and you will need comfortable shoes to walk around it. Even if you are planning on sticking just to the Strip – the part of a central boulevard where all the most famous restaurants and casinos are – you need to make sure you are ready to walk a lot because it is around four miles (6,8 km) long. 

As for the weather, Las Vegas is actually part of a desert so the temperatures can be pretty high all year long. This means you should dress light, wear sunscreen and have some water with you at all times. But it also means you should carry a jacket or a light sweater since AC is on in all the casinos and once you are in, it can be chilly when you are dressed for the summer that is outside. 

Bonus tips 

If you are planning your first trip to Vegas, a couple of things you probably do not know. First, in most casinos, you will get a drink for free once you start gambling. Their goal is to have you play as long as possible, so they will send it to you after a while. Do not order it yourself as you enter the place. 

Second, as you walk around town, you will see many people dressed up as famous characters, from Elmo to Minions. You are probably going to want a picture with them, but be careful. They do not do this for free. So, if you really want a photo, we suggest that you ask in advance how much it will cost you, just to be on the safe side. So, if you want to enjoy your tour then use the Anaheim party bus for travel

In a nutshell 

Like most things in life, with a little planning, a trip to Vegas will be a trip to remember. Organize everything before you arrive so that your only obligation once you are there is to have fun. And do not worry if you overindulge; you know what they say: What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

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