How to Resolve Any of Your PDF File Issues

PDF tool is a desirable program for storing selected files and documents. It is an accessible application that is available on your computer and even on your mobile. It is a good tool for securing files privately and a good-to-go storage application used around the world.

Though working with the PDF tool is easy and hassle-free, errors are still likely to occur. In addition, there is a possibility that your files may be damaged. When this happens, your file or PDF itself might be the cause of the problem.

But worry no more. We have come up with solutions for problems like this. But before that, we need to look for the cause of the PDF file error.

Reasons that PDF Documents May Be Damaged

You may opt for a  repair PDF service if the PDF documents are quite important to save. However, there are some reasons why this may not work accurately when you use the PDF tool, such as:

  • Your PDF document is corrupt.
  • Your file or document is unreadable on your computer.
  • An error processing your files may have occurred.
  • File transferring error has transpired.

For such errors, the following are some tips on how you can work on these PDF issues:

Try Other PDF Applications

Before you work on your unreadable files, check whether the problem is within your system or your PDF first. Then, use other PDF tools and open your files there. With this, you will learn whether the problem of your uncooperative file is within your file or the PDF tool. Afterward, you may proceed to the following solutions.

Consider Using PDF Recovery or Repair Tools

If you are still trying to find out the root cause of your unopened files, you can take this next step. There are available PDF applications where you can restore and open your inaccessible files. See available recovery tools online and download your chosen file to recover. There are PDF recovery tools that are free and available anywhere on the internet.

You can also seek out and try professional PDF recovery software or repair websites that will help you store your unreadable or inaccessible files. They will also repair your files with high-quality content such as hyperlinks, graphs, and videos. A great website for repairing PDFs is With this site, you will be able to restore your inaccessible files in just a few clicks!

Download Your Previous PDF Version

Your PDF file version itself could be the problem with your unopened files. However, you can restore your previous PDF tool version as a backup. By going to the Properties from the Settings, you may select the available PDF tool versions to restore your files. By doing this, you can store your files without a problem after changing your PDF tool’s version.

Change Your PDF’s Security Settings

Fixed security settings on your PDF tool may cause the error on your files. In this case, you have to change your settings by entering your PDF program. Then, by clicking on the preferences from the edit menu, look for the “security (Enhanced)” button and enable enhanced security. Make sure to switch the Protected View to off before you proceed. This step will help you store your files in PDF smoothly and without having to follow set guidelines.

Re-install Your PDF Application

You can also try and re-install your PDF app if the problem revolves around the PDF system itself. To do so, look for the Control Panel, select Programs, then click Programs and Features. It will show the list of the installed applications and select the PDF tool and click uninstall.

When installing, go to the website of your desired PDF tool, and look for the PDF. Then, click the “install now” button to download. Re-installing your PDF tool will help recover its software and fix any issues the PDF may have.

Convert Your Texts From the Corrupt File

If the methods given above did not fix your file problem, this solution might be your last straw. Although this could be a lot of work, it still works out effectively. What you need to do is extract text from the unopened file.

Right-click on your selected file and click the Open button, then select the NotePad option. NotePad is a text-editing program for files and documents. NotePad is where you will paste your copied text from your corrupt PDF.

This last solution helps you get ahold of your original content if you can no longer open your file. After re-installing your PDF, you can place your text and store it there without issues anymore.


PDF is one of the easily accessible document-reading tools that help us store and keep our documents safely. PDF offers a variety of features and efficiently cooperates with its users. It is a free application as well, making it attainable for everyone, including students. However, you may inevitably experience issues with PDF.

With several reliable solutions to help with your corrupt and inaccessible PDF files, we hope you find these useful for your PDF problems.

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