How to Start Automating Your Homespace

Home automation might move your house and your life to a new level. You can live more conveniently, safely, and comfortably. We agree that not everybody can afford to purchase automated items. But we are sure you can get a couple of actuators and start remaking your home by automating one item after another one.

Your Office Shall Be Improved if You Work from Home

Now, many people work from home. It means that you shall have a comfortable place, preferably a room, an office, where you can work peacefully. A good desk is the heart of your office.

If you cannot buy a height-adjustable desk, purchase a metal table frame and just fix a desk top to build a new standing desk. You can even use the desk top from the desk you have been using all this time.

Additionally, you can think about additional devices and accessories such as:

  • A CPU holder if you need one;
  • An attachable drawer to keep all your belongings there;
  • A nice organizer, or whatever else you might need.

Think about getting nice shelves, a bookcase, some accessories to decorate your office and create the space you have always been dreaming about.

What about Your Kitchen?

Now, when the office is ready, the kitchen also deserves some upgrade. What about installing all those devices you have been dreaming about? Ok, ok, you might not have space for all of them. But what about some automation ideas?

You can install a lift column in one of your cabinets. On the column, install a platform, and on the platform, you can fix any device you have been dreaming about. Make in the cabinet top an opening big enough to let the device pass. If the opening is too big, fix a cap on it. So, you can purchase now any devices, and still enjoy the full space of all the cabinet tops.

Another nice item is a drop-down rack for all those small belongings that make any kitchen complete. Those are jars with spices, kitchen utensils, or whatever you keep there.

You can fix an actuator in a wall-mounted cabinet in a way to make it drop down when in the extended position, and hide in the cabinet when in the retracted position. Now, fix a rack to the moving side of the actuators. That`s it, a drop-down rack is ready, and you can install there all those small accessories and items that are usually all around the room.

What about Some Ideas for Your Living Room?

An automated TV lift is a big dream of many people. To some extent, it is a symbol of wealth because the item is not of the first necessity, and the price is pretty high. But you can build a TV lift on your own!

So, you can install it in a cabinet, you can hide a lifting frame behind a furniture piece, say, a bookcase, or hide it above the ceiling. For some of these installations, you might need to hire a specialist. But in the end, it pays off. You get an item that will boost the comfort of the way you spend your free time and will make your living room look magnificent.

Bottom Line

Automating your home is not so complicated as you might believe. Start with something simple. Use high-quality tools. Watch instructions on Youtube. Prepare yourself properly. You will see that after the completion of the first project, everything is going to move on easier. And finally, you will be able to automate whatever you have ever wanted.

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