How to Stay Motivated as a Nursing Student

The world is full of challenges and obstacles. It’s easy to feel as though you are alone in your struggles. Though, it’s not true! There are millions of people who face the same difficulties that you do, if not more.

Being a student nurse is hard at the best of times, but learning your profession during a global health crisis is going to test your strength and discipline. You will be torn between frustration and the desire to give up. However, you don’t have to stay stuck in a rut: there are ways to stay motivated in the face of obstacles.

Facing Challenges Head-On

The initial challenge likely spins around becoming a nursing student. Mandatory exams await you whether you’re applying to a nursing school or a university. To ease the pressure, the rise of technology has led to numerous platforms providing online practice tests and dependable reading resources. For instance, using Career Employer’s TEAS nursing study guide, practice questions, and reading materials for other exams as well, like NET or Kaplan Admissions Test, can significantly simplify your studying process

Some of the hardest challenges you will face as a nursing student will come from within yourself. Study after study has shown that mental health can play a major role in academic success. There are many ways that you can overcome feelings of low self-worth, isolation, and helplessness.

Remember that many others have gone through the same difficulties. You’re not alone.

Here are a few ways to stay motivated while studying on one of the many BSN accelerated programs available to student nurses across the US.

Celebrate the Good Parts of Your Day

You’ve probably heard the phrase ‘count your blessings’ before.

While it sounds trite, there is some real truth to that. Taking the time to reflect on the positive aspects of your day will help you stay positive and motivated, even when things don’t go your way.

A lot of students don’t realize how privileged they are until they start working in nursing. If you’re going through a rough time, remember that your struggles are nothing compared to someone else’s.

Learn from Your Mistakes

No one is perfect. Not even you. You are going to make mistakes as a nursing student; it’s only natural. What matters the most is how you deal with them.

Maintain a sense of perspective about your slip-ups and be honest with yourself when evaluating what went wrong. That way, you will have an opportunity to make adjustments for future success.

Studying nursing is like building a house: don’t just look at the finished product; look at how it’s being built. It’s the same with studying: focus on how you are learning, not just what you are learning.

Look After Your Physical Health and Mental Wellbeing

Being a student nurse can be hard on your physical health as well as your mental wellbeing. When faced with the stress of exams, clinical placements, and long study hours, it’s easy to put off taking care of yourself until things start going badly wrong.

You have to be dedicated and disciplined with your physical health and well-being. Without it, you will struggle to keep up with the rigors of study.

Making time for daily exercise can help to reduce stress levels, improve your mood, and increase energy levels. There are even classes specifically designed for students, such as yoga or Pilates.

It’s also important to have someone in your life who is willing to listen to your problems without passing judgment.

Take Time Out

When you’re feeling overwhelmed, it’s important to have a plan for coping.

Take regular breaks from studies, such as spending time in the sun, going for a swim, or a long walk. Try and catch up with family and friends, too.

Enjoying your life outside of study will help to keep you motivated and, hopefully, it will give you an incentive to study better afterward!

Find a Meaningful Community

Instead of entering a nursing course to make money, you should see it as a step towards giving something back to the community, but don’t go into nursing to become some kind of charity case.

By doing something to help others, you will be motivated by a profound sense of purpose. This is why it’s important to find a community that shares your values and aspires to positive change.

If you can’t find one in your local area, encourage conflict resolution and teamwork during clinical placements. This will help you develop and increase your social circle and be more effective at working in teams.

Study in a Positive Environment

It’s far easier to concentrate when you feel comfortable, safe and happy.

It’s amazing how just an hour out of your day can make you feel better.

While spending time with friends is important, you also need to be able to study in a positive environment. If you cannot afford a buzzing social life, try and come up with a routine that works for you with cheap time with your friends as well as set study periods.

Some students like to study in public places to combine both social and school, check out places like coffee shops, libraries, or even parks. Whatever works best for you, try to stick with it. It will help you to feel comfortable while studying, which helps keep you motivated and focused.

Set Bigger Goals

Sometimes it’s easy to become discouraged when you have a terrible day. If this happens, don’t let it drag you down!

Rather than feeling sorry for yourself, take the time to set bigger goals to aim for.

Write out a list of what you want to do in your nursing career, and then work backward to see the smaller achievable goals.

Try to Sleep More

Sleep is a powerful thing. It can reset our brains and help us to feel more motivated and positive about our futures.

According to studies, students who get the recommended amount of sleep are happier and cope with stressful situations better than those who don’t.

By getting eight hours of sleep every night, you should find that you feel more positive, energetic, and focused throughout your day as a result.

Are you having trouble finding time for sleep? Try limiting the amount of caffeine you drink in the morning. You will find that your body will crave sleep more and go into deep sleep quicker, giving you an extra hour or so to catch up on your rest.

Maintain a Healthy Diet

According to research, people who eat a healthy diet tend to be more optimistic, and optimistic people are more likely to make better decisions and less likely to be depressed.

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