How to Swap BTC to ETH: Best Method for Fast Transaction

Looking for a fast method to convert BTC to ETH might be a challenging task. There are lots of exchanges that do not provide you with much trust in such transactions. Some people read fake feedback on one company and buy crypto but as a result, get zero. That’s why the choice of a perfect converter with the lowest rates is a thing you should spend time on. Let’s overlook today’s options for such a purchase and conversions.

Convert BTC to ETH: Step by Step Instruction

First off, you have to possess a credit, debit, or prepaid bank card. Hopefully, it is obvious. It may be Visa, Mastercard, or Maestro. You may also first use your dollar USD or euro, and after that proceed with transactions.

Secondly, you have to find a reliable converter. One of the popular options to convert BTC to ETH is Switchere. This company boasts many clients who yearly turned to them for fast and the easiest transactions. Beyond that, exactly Switchere is a place where you may get additional profit in the form of cashback and a referral program. A cashback stands for – the more you convert and buy crypto, the more bonuses reach your virtual wallet. The second one, a referral program which is also easy. You attract your friends to the service, where they start exchanging, and you get bonuses as well.

Thirdly, you have to pass a registration and verification process for instant conversion. Typically, it does not take much time. Registration happens by using an email and creating a password. After that, a user is asked to provide an ID to verify him as an existing person. Note, some exchanges require proof of income as a document to enlarge the limit.

After that, when you undergo verification, you may convert BTC to ETH. A site should have a calculator for fast conversions. For instance, a converter/calculator shows – your specific amount of BTC crypto, and what you get in ETH.

With Switchere you have no hidden service fees compared to other companies that may charge one or another fee to use BTC to ETH exchange.

Is It Risky to Convert Online Crypto Anonymously?

You cannot always be sure that a website where you convert crypto is safe unless you turn to time-proven parties. You should do your own research prior to using one’s Bitcoin to Ethereum converter.

What to pay attention to?

  • A site where such transactions are common should ensure all their clients are safe. To pay for crypto or convert the currency via one, the company should use secure technologies that provide clear exchanges without any fraudulent actions;
  • You are the only one who should use a wallet and manage the money out there. No extra charges should occur from it without your prior notice;
  • All the transactions of BTC to ETH should be quick. The maximum allowed waiting time is several minutes only. If you do not receive your money within such a timeframe, you should instantly send your inquiry to the customer support team;
  • The exchange should have a 24/7 available representative team. Imagine if you want to ask some questions about EST, BTC, ETH prior to converting. You do not want to wait for sure until the next day or officially set working hours. Around-the-clock operation is the way these services attract clients;
  • Swapping BTC to ETH through one site should be followed by instructions. For example, you are new to the crypto market and have no single idea about it. A website should include either an FAQs page on converting or a brief step-by-step instruction.

That’s pretty it. When exchanging the currency, the main goal is to feel safe. There are lots of fraudsters who tend to offer their crypto services, especially after Bitcoin hit the record of being $50K of cost. Now, many people want to fool others to get profit. After you choose the preferred exchange, you may also contact them and ask for any licenses or documentation that proves their legal standing. As a result, you won’t experience any loss but only pleasant bonuses to your virtual pocket.

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