How to Use Welcome Emails to Delight Your New Blog Subscribers

Newsletters are a great way to keep in touch with your audience, from time to time sending some updates on what is going on with your company and how well it might influence them. So far everything sounds logical and quite achievable. However, the trick is to make your audience read those newsletters and perform some purchasing action. 

Also not only do you have to attain “the reading through and buying further” mode with your audience, but it’s also vital to avoid getting into the spam folder or total unsubscription. With new subscribers, it is a bit easier, and harder at the same time. Sending welcome emails is an art since you have to evoke the highest level of interest from the recipients, making them stay and interact with your brand. At the same time, some of those newcomers may just ignore you, no matter how great the effort was. Be always ready to analyze and adjust to the required changes.

So, how then to always delight your audience, especially those who are new to the system? Let’s see what to place  in emails in order to be always welcome among the new people. 

Introduce properly

It’s essential that your newsletter must have a distinguishable subject line, sender’s name, and company/ services/ product titles. The subject line in most cases predetermines the destiny of the letter. If you aim at having it opened and learned through then make sure to remind yourself or introduce ( there is a chance subscribers were not really sure what they have subscribed to) yourself. Your subscribers let you know some of their contact information, considering you to be the most valuable source of help for their issues or curiosity. This is precious. So if they see some related to your brand information, it enhances opening rates by times.

Ditch impersonality

Exactly, we all from both sides of the screen love to feel special and unique. Of course, when there is a name of a subscriber used in the greeting part and some grateful mentioning of his/her last cooperation with the company, then there is a much higher engagement rate with newsletters/ welcome emails marketing strategy. People love human touch; love when sometimes it is not just about doing a profitable business, but somebody really cares about their needs and issues, and preferences. This approach nurtures trust alongside loyalty. Such an approach guarantees newsletters hitting the target.  

Clear expectations

New readers must get into your sending system by recognizing the design of your newsletter, how the information is arranged, what information is usually going to be sent, and, of course, the timing alongside frequency. To make a beautiful welcome email, transmitting the identity of your blog, you do not need to be a professional design guru. Graphic design apps are developed to leverage your design positions. For example, Crello –  graphic design app with truly comprehensive tools and free royalty pictures ( for newsletters including).

Motivate  aimed action

Call-to-action buttons should be sound and clear in your newsletter. It is recommended to place several of those, offering various magnets for sealing the deal. Your audience should have such information incorporated into the newsletter in order to spare them some trouble of finding an appropriate way to purchase/order/try/ sign up/ etc. Most of the recipients will not burden themselves with the extra action. Therefore, make sure to serve everything one by one in one informative piece.


Also, add social media accounts buttons. Show your audience how else they may be connected with you and get updates on what’s up lately. This shows your readiness to be more open to your audience by letting them pick not only into your business accounts but personal ones as well, so to say, letting them meet the real you.


To make the welcome email experience for your audience delightful takes some worthy effort. Worthy, because once  the whole process is developed and delivered right, conversions and ROIs rates are promised to skyrocket. Communicating value in an authentically friendly manner keeps your list of subscribers expanding, making new ones turning into regulars, whilst regulars are capable to advertise you to new ones. Email marketing still rocks and newsletter sending is a solid part of the strategy, as long as it is aligned with your purpose and subscribers’ needs.

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