How to Write a Perfect College Essay: A Step-By-Step Guide

Students have to write a tremendous variety of academic assignments. Essays are the most typical ones. There are different types with different purposes and unique requirements. However, they likewise have a lot in common. Not all students complete all essay equality well and require the assistance of a professional essay writing service. A professional custom platform e.g. Advanced Writers has qualified specialists who easily handle almost every academic impediment. Nonetheless, students can accomplish all essays perfectly without professional writing assistance.

How to reach that important and difficult objective? They need adequate information that will help to write an essay type without complications. Our informative guide highlights this essay writing process in detail. It explains how to write a perfect college essay step by step.

Be Disciplined and Organized

First of all, you should get organized. This recommendation is crucial and universal. It will suit you no matter what you do – write an essay at home, in the class, or during your exam. The process of the organization includes several preparations.

These are:

  • Start early. There’s nothing good in delays and procrastination. We recommend starting as early as possible. Thus, you’ll have more time to fulfill all the stages and improve them if necessary.
  • Define all the demands. Obligatorily check all the guidelines for your essay. Define its purpose, length, deadline, and similar essentials.
  • Decide where to begin. Afterward, you should decide what action will be first. Commonly, it’s a selection of a topic. However, some folks form a draft of a thesis statement that will be the central idea of the project and so it becomes the initial point to work.

Decide What to Disclose

The essay writing process is commonly divided into three major stages. These are preliminary, writing, and post-writing stages. Each includes several sub-stages that predetermine the possible success of your project. Your second step is to choose a relevant topic for your essay.

This preliminary step must be taken seriously. If you choose a boring or frequently studied topic, nobody would like to read it.

To select an appropriate topic, fulfill the following steps:

  • Study the industry you’re going to disclose;
  • Narrow the question to a specific issue;
  • Make it original;
  • Focus on a currently relevant theme.

Conduct In-Depth Research

Thirdly, make sure you’ve found enough evidence to cover the chosen topic. It may be convincing, informative, original, and relevant. Nevertheless, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll find appropriate evidence to reveal the main question to the fullest. Oftentimes, students had to rework the topic or even change it entirely.

Always verify the credibility of the information resources you read. You have no right to use unverified information because your research automatically loses the trust of your audience. You may trust the websites that end with .edu, .gov, and org.

Grab the Readers’ Attention

When you go to the writing stage, give close heed to your introductory section. You should grab the attention of your readers and this objective can be achieved if you open strong. The first sentences offer rather general facts, but they can be introduced uncommonly. You may begin with:

  • Anecdote;
  • Rhetoric question;
  • Shocking statement;
  • Quotation, etc.

These and other methods are effective. They make the essay introduction uncommon, and it automatically grabs their attention. The introductory section consists of 4-5 sentences and the last one is a thesis statement. It’s the central idea of the entire essay, and it’s supposed to be strong, clear, and convincing. Make sure it fully reflects the purpose of your essay to explain it to your readers.

Develop the Main Question

The next writing section is the main body. Its objective is to develop the thesis statement by revealing its qualities from different angles. You’ll have at least three body paragraphs. Each should cover one sub-thesis at a time. It helps readers to understand something important about your central argument. For example, you write about racism on the campus. Here are three things that can be covered in three paragraphs:

  1. What is it?
  2. Reasons.
  3. Solutions.

Make sure you find relevant and trustworthy arguments that support each of these questions. Clarify to readers the meaning of racism, name the reasons that lead to it, and propose your solutions. Obligatorily add adequate examples. Always be straight to the point and don’t go astray of your topic.

Conclude Strong

The last writing section of an essay is the conclusion or summary. It summarizes the entire essay in 3-5 sentences. You should obligatorily restate the thesis statement in other words. Afterward, briefly mention all the outcomes of your research and interpret their meaning. If further studies are required and didn’t manage to define all the answers, feel free to mention it too. It’s quite alright because you may return to this problem later.

Revise and Improve

Nobody is perfect and you’ll definitely make some grammar, punctuation, or/and spelling mistakes. Besides, some of your sections may operate with weak arguments or sound unconvincingly. Therefore, the post-writing stage becomes crucial as well. It gives you a chance to reread the entire project to identify inappropriate parts. Revise it at least twice and apply different methods.

These are:

  • Reading in your head and aloud;
  • Reading from the last line to the first;
  • Asking others to read or listen to your essay;
  • Using checking programs (grammar, spell, plagiarism, etc. checkers).

If you revise your essay several times, you’ll sufficiently increase the chance to spot a drawback. Thus, you’ll avoid the deprivation of important grades. You may work with your peers and likewise utilize a dependable checker to avoid all possible mistakes.

Keep in memory all the recommendations, essay examples and smart prompts we have mentioned in our informative guide. They are universal and will perfectly suit any type of essay you are assigned. If you fulfill every stage carefully, you’re doomed to enjoy success and receive the highest grades for all your academic assignments.

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