How You Can Succeed as a Private Tutor

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To become a private teacher you also need heart, or if you prefer a form of generosity. It is not enough to think: “My discipline and my course are interesting” to get students to adhere. It is not a question of confusing demagogy and pedagogy, but it is necessary to find the means of reaching out to them to make them progress on the path of knowledge.

Finally, you also have to devote time to your job. We can master the knowledge to be taught, we can like to transmit it if we do not spend enough time preparing the implementation of the course, and the result is unlikely to be well.

Let’s also remember that you can’t improvise as a teacher or the different careers in education, it’s a profession that can be learned, and you need solid training and the help of more experienced colleagues.

Requirements for giving private lessons

As we have already mentioned above, the important thing is that you master the subject you want to teach so that everything goes well. But don’t make the mistake of offering maths lessons when you’re more of a science teacher.

Therefore, just make sure you have more visibility to get more students. Also, remember that the more knowledge you can pass on to your learners, the more they will recommend you to their families and friends who are also considering hiring a private tutor. Here are 5 reasons why tutoring is a great part-time job.

How to organize private lessons  

You should know that this type of activity will require you to have perfect organization since you will have to share your days with your students in different places.

Ways to become a private tutor

Please note that private lessons can take various forms. If you think that becoming a private tutor will only allow you to teach at home, then you are missing the point.

Know from now on that in addition to the possibility of giving online courses, you could be contacted to share your knowledge with a given group of people. For this last option, you will no longer have to move without rest since your private tutoring students will be present in the same place at the same time.

Also, note that the price of your courses will depend on your possibility as well as the number of subjects that you will offer to your customers. You should also consider the type of class you will be teaching. Indeed, the price of home lessons will not be the same as for group lessons or online lessons.

How can you become more popular?

Generating content on the Internet is one of the keys to making our courses more popular, but what type of content can I generate? There are three ways, text (via a blog), video (via a channel) or via social media.

Here are some tips for creating your blog.

 – The perfect complement to your lessons. You can generate interactive content, display material or links to other portals that can help you.

– Get a clear idea. Think carefully about what you want to write, you can write down 25 brainstorming ideas before you start.

– You can diversify the theme.  Your texts can address students, teachers, and parents or even go beyond the educational theme to make it more dynamic.

– Quality before quantity. Don’t get overwhelmed by writing about meaningless topics, write about the things you think are necessary or that motivate you.

– Constancy. Set a goal every week or every two weeks. 

– Learn some SEO concepts. Find out what the texts you write must look like to succeed on search engines like Google. Read some SEO Techniques to Help your businesses.

– Be active on social networks and start distributing your content to your contacts. 

We encourage you to create your blog in your private lessons and post your experiences as a teacher, spread your knowledge or give advice to new teachers. 

A riskier alternative is to create your video content. Today, being a Youtuber is very popular with teenagers and young adults. And more and more young teachers try to transmit their knowledge in front of a camera. 

If you’ve ever thought of becoming a Youtuber, here are some tips: 

The resources.

  • A camera that records in HD
  • A computer to edit the videos
  • A microphone

– Schedule your videos. Prepare a short text about the topics you want to talk about in your video and the things you want to say.

– Take care of the content.  Maintaining attention for several minutes is harder than it looks. In a text, you can skip the part that does not interest you, while on a video if you are bored, you leave the page.

– Be concise. The trend on Youtube is to make short videos. Try to keep only the essentials, don’t beat around the bush or they won’t come back to your videos. 

– Inhale. Try to convey how you feel and why you like what you teach. Try to transmit your vocation.

– Periodicity. Don’t force yourself to record meaningless things, but try to maintain consistency and you will succeed.

Although undoubtedly one of the best options is to use social networks. We all use them and especially our students. Some networks like Instagram are very popular with teenagers and offer a lot of possibilities. 

Trying to be popular on social media among your students can be difficult if you want to generate educational content, but if you do it in a fun way, you can succeed. Here are some tips you can follow:

–  Have fun. Don’t try to be intrusive, if you want to sneak in during your students’ free time, you have to do it so that everyone has fun, starting with you.

– Curious and attractive information. All topics have interesting stories, use social media to tell them even if it’s less relevant. 

– Look natural. Leave out the rigidity and show yourself as you are, if they see a more authentic part of their teacher, they will surely find it curious, funny and empathetic.

– Don’t stop teaching. Without focusing your attention on the material you give in class, you talk about things that can help you learn. You can offer homework help. 

– Track your students. Do not disconnect from their interests, if you do not know their tastes, interests and references, you will not be able to understand them. 

To conclude,

Finally, remember that your ultimate goal is to have more students for your classes. We, therefore, recommend that you find out where to advertise yourself as a private teacher, to create a profile on one of the online platforms. We wish you the very best.

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